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Thursday, May 27, 2010

CSN Stores Review and Giveaway (US & Canada ONLY) Sorry my UK buddies

Ashley at CSN stores has generously afforded my blog readers to win one of the following items from their fantastic web site. Before I posted this I wanted to take a serious look at the site and make sure it was a legitimate and worthwhile before I agreed to blog about it.

Wow, so many stores, so many wonderful items you will not know where to start.  Since I am in desperate need of a new sofa (due to 2 energetic children with a love of bouncing) I thought I would start out at the SOFA department.  There were so many beautiful items, I decided that I really, really need to actually start saving for one instead of just talking about it.

Now enough about me, lets talk about you guys.  You get to decide which item you would like to win from the following. Whatever you choose, I get one too. So its a win win situation.

Here are the items you can choose from

In order to win you must do the following:
  • Be a Follower
  • In the comments section pick your item and type in your email so I can contact you if you win
Bonus Points for those who make a comment about what they think of the CSN websites
    That's it, nice and easy -- like I wish Ryan Reynolds would be with me ; )

    Contest ends: June 3, 2010


    1. I am a follower
      If I won, I would pick the POST-IT Pop-Up Note/Flag Dispenser Starter Kit/Assorted Self-Stick Notes. It looks really awesome, and I would totally use it!

      pirate_pony2 at yahoo dot com

      Bonus: The CSN stores is so wide spread!!! I found myself looking at the shoes for a little too long....

    2. (I just became a blog follower)
      Id pick the diaper bag if I won -- Ive got a bunch of pregnant friends - Id love to give this to one of them.

      BONUS: I have been very pleased with CSN - Ive ordered from them in the past - and the items always arrive so quickly!

      [email protected]

    3. follower! I would love the Prepara Chef Cookbook would definitely be handy.

      BONUS: I love the CSN site. They have so much to choose from. I have gotten something from them before and they are great!

      throuthehaze at gmail dot com

    4. I follow. Id like to get a Guidecraft Kitchen Helper for my little one.

    5. Im a follower!
      And I have a friend who is pregnant who would love the diaper bag! (although not to be picky, but is it possible to get the lime/black instead of pink/black?)


      Bonus: Having never been to the CSN website, I was impressed with all that they carry! I hope to be back!

    6. Wonderful contest and good luck on the sofa. I am a follower and would probably pick the post it pop up dispenser because I am nuts for post its and you never run out of uses. I really liked the CSN website, I love their pet items. In about two years I am going to need a doggy car seat so I am saving this site. Wonderful giveaway!!!!!

      Emma Michaels
      [email protected]

    7. Im a follower! If I won, Id love the Prepara Chef Cookbook Holder - PP01-CC100. Im tired of staining my cookbooks with food!

      nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

      (Bonus: CSN is awesome! So many stores to choose from! Ive had my eye on the Rachael Ray Bubble & Brown oval casserole!)

    8. Im a follower and if I won I would pick the Post it pop up flag dispenser.
      candace_redinger(at)yahoo dot com

      CSN has loads of great stuff! Thanks for the giveaway :)

    9. Im following and I would pick the cookbook holder (

      I love the CSN stores; you can find everything on there...I mean a whole store dedicated to greenhouses? Impressive!

      junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

    10. I would choose the "POST-IT Pop-Up Note/Flag Dispenser Starter Kit/Assorted Self-Stick Notes, Black" I am a follower.

      Thanks for the great giveaway!!

      nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

    11. Im a new follower and would choose the Post-It starter kit.


    12. I forgot to add my bonus thoughts about CSN in my comment so here goes:

      I love the selection CSN offers and the prices but my favorite part is that they ship to Canada. Its hard to find stores that do and few Canadian stores offer online shopping.

    13. Im a follower and I would choose this: if I won!

    14. I am a follower and I would pick the slip and slide since summer is approaching and my daughter wants some sort of water toy! LOL

      Amy J
      [email protected]

    15. I am a follower

      I would chose the Post-It Pop-Up Note/Flag Dispenser Starter Kit


    16. I am a follower. I would take the shoulder bag.
      [email protected]

    17. I would pick the diaper bag if i won i am a follower too i love csn website there is too much choice though