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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Harper Perennial presents LETTERS WITH CHARACTER An Interactive Literary Environment

This is such a fun idea, kudos to Harper Perrenial for coming up with something creative and original to market one of their titles.  I'm totally going to take part, now I have to decide what character I would write to.  Maybe Edward Cullen and talk to him about his serious "stalking issues" OR Bella and tell her to stop being such a wuss and grow a pair or Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Bones and Cat books and tell him all the naughty things that I would like to do with him -- the possibilities are endless -- who would you write to?  Come on everyone lets get creative  check out the blog at:

Here is the press release for more information

Harper Perennial presents


An Interactive Literary Environment

 On the occasion of the publication of Ben Greenmans What Hes Poised to Do (Harper Perennial, On Sale: June 15, 2010) we invite you to celebrate the art of correspondence and WRITE A LETTER TO A FAMOUS FICTIONAL CHARACTER

Before there was any fiction at all, there were letters. For centuries, letters were the only way for people in different locations to communicate with each other. But letters have also become a rich and complex element of the best literary fiction. The acclaimed author Ben Greenman explores how letters function in life, as well as how they function in fiction in  his new collection of inter-linked stories What He's Poised to Do.

"Ben Greenman's masterwork of stories inspired by letters offers
fresh insight into the mysteries of intimacy."
--Simon Van Booy.

On the occasion of the book's publication, and in celebration of the art of the letter as a form of fiction, Harper Perennial invites you to participate in its Letters With Character campaign, and to write a letter to a fictional character. The letters can be funny, sad, demanding, fanciful, declarative, or trivial. They can be about a novel, a short story, or a children's book, works both literary or popular. There is only one requirement: They must be written by a real person and must also address an unreal one.

 The best, most interesting, strangest, and most moving letters will be collected on Visit the site to see a selection of those that have already been written: a romantic appeal to Captain Ahab, a moving consideration of middle age addressed to a Garcia Marquez heroine, a hilarious challenge to Agatha Christie's famed detective Hercule Poirot.

 Submit your letters to: [email protected]

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