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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mom and Me Mondays: Johnny Green and the Little Green Men & Geronimo Stilton: Christmas Tale (Reviews)

Johnny Green and the Little Green Man
by Suzan Tyler Decker, Illustrated by Julia Marie Floyd

ISBN: 978-1-4415-2209-2
48 Pages
Ages: 6 - 8

Description: One day, on his way home from school, Johnny falls asleep in a field only to be awakened by a little green man claiming he is lost. As this unbelievable story unfolds over the next few days, Johnny realizes he has a huge problem on his hands. But in the end Johnny learns a valuable lesson and just what he can do to help save our green earth!

Jake's Review: Mom this is a little young for me and sort of lame.  The little green man is creepy looking. Mom, I think we could do a little more recycling around the house, I think we throw away some stuff that actually could go into the recycling (Nothing worse than being reprimanded by your 8 yr old and knowing he is right). This would be a good book to show Jesse in a couple of years -- the little green guy is sort of like Jesse when he chews on my books -- he must be a recycling monster ; )

Jake's Rating: 5/10

Mom's Review: A little preachy, but it is a good introduction to recycling and the environment for the younger set, I would actually suggest 4-7 for the reading level.  Nice illustrations and a very simple story. Really liked the 2 page illustration of things that can be recycled.  Would be a great book to have in a public library collection and for JK and SK classrooms.

Mom's Rating: 7/10

Geronimo Stilton: A Christmas Tale
by Geronimo Stilton (Elisabetta Dam)
Scholastic Inc
ISBN: 978-0-545-11610-7
55 Pages
Ages: 7-10

Description: It's Christmastime on Mouse Island. Geronimo Stilton can't believe it! Everyone in his family, and every one of his friends has other plans for Christmas. It looks like Geronimo will spend the holiday alone. Or will he? Readers will enjoy this humorous tale from the "Geronimo Stilton" series.

Jake's Review: I like how a lot of the words are in different colours and different shapes.  Some of the words actually look like what they mean (for example Frozen looks sort of like an icicle with blue and white letters) The story is really short and I like the happy ending.  He is really lucky to have so many friends and family to hang out with. I liked how there were lots of pictures in it. I also like Pages 45 - 47 it reminds me of the flip o rama's in the Captain Underpants books.  I would like to read more Geronimo Stilton books -- can I go out and play in the sprinkler now instead of reading more books now.  Dad says staying inside and reading all day isn't good for you  (Mom's note -- off to beat up my hubby now)

Jake's Rating:  8.5/10

Mom's Review: When I first looked at this one I swore the author must have ADD, since each page is so busy looking.  I find the set up of the different fonts and colours to be irritating, but I'm old and the books are not meant for me.  These types of books are great for reluctant or readers that are easily distracted.  The different fonts, colours and pictures keep this type of reader interested in the book and stops them from putting the book down. The storyline was nice and simple and had a lovely little moral message about Christmas being too consumer driven. I would be interested in having Jake and I read a couple more of these to find out  more about all the characters who are only briefly introduced in this story.  The Geronimo books sound like they would be lots of fun for Jake, as he is one of those easily distracted -- squirrel (think Dug from Up)-- readers

Mom's Rating: 8.5/10

These two books are from Jake and Jesse's book shelves.  I won the Johnny Green book from

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