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Monday, May 17, 2010

Win an Ereader from the Bibliophilic Book Blog

One of my favorite blog's is having an incredible contest, here are the details from her blog:

"Guess what? I got another anonymous donation for an ereader for one of my deployed soldier friends and one for you too! Oh, and guess what I met my goal I raised enough funds and donations as well as donated my personal money to buy 10, that is 10 Sony ereaders for my deployed friends who are crazy readers. They love me and they love all of you for helping and sending them books. So from myself and from them, THANK YOU! thanks...YAY! I have it right here in front of can choose between..."

Sony Pocket (color of your choice) Ebook

RCA Reader Ebook

Aluratek Libre Ebook Pro

Kobo Ereader

Here are the guidlines:
- International Welcome
- Just click the button above to enter in the form
- If you don't want an ereader, you can win a 100$ Amazon GC.
- Must be a follower
- To Enter Just Click the Giveaway Time Button

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  1. Well, Ive signed up and passed the comp news around Twitter.