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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hump Day Hottie - Canada Day Edition

I know, I know it's Canada Day tomorrow -- but I will be too busy playing with the family to post this. Here are just a few Yummy Canadians (stolen by the US) for your viewing pleasure

Shut Up and Eat by Kathy Buckworth: Book Review

Today I bring you my review of Kathy Buckworth's latest parenting book.  If you haven't read anything by her before, I suggest you get off this blog RIGHT NOW and go find something she has written, you will not regret it.  I first found out about her while watching Breakfast TV while on maternity leave and after her segment (Ok - I finished watching my adorable Frankie first) I rushed out and bought her Blackberry Diaries book that day.  I consider her, to coin my sisters phrase,  a "Real Mom" and will read ANYTHING she writes. You can also find her on Twitter and trust me if she doesn't make you laugh at least once a day, you need help! Oh yeah and also get a copy of her "Blackberry Diaries" -- it is also hilarious and made me seriously want a Blackberry.

Shut Up and Eat 
by Kathy Buckworth
Key Porter Books 
ISBN: 978-1-55470-280-0

Description: In Shut Up and Eat!, humourist and parenting author Kathy Buckworth applies her razor-sharp wit to an examination of the family meal. Experts claim that sitting down to eat together can prevent children from getting into trouble while simultaneously creating close-knit families. In Buckworth's opinion, that's an awful lot to expect from a meatloaf! What about the son who thinks his food tastes better on the blue plate with the fish? Or the daughter who won't eat anything green? And let's not even talk about the mom who'd rather be doing anything but standing in front of the stove (drinking a glass of wine comes immediately to mind).

Laugh-out-loud funny, more accurate than most of us would care to admit-and with a few recipes thrown in for good measure. Shut Up and Eat! is a must-read for any woman who's ever wondered: What the hell am I cooking tonight?

The Good Stuff
  • The whole frickin book - do you  really need any more reasons than it was written by Kathy Buckworth -- so "Shut Up and Buy the Book"
  • Extremely funny and wise at the same time
  • She talks about the overuse of snacks -- which is something I totally agree with her on
  • The chapter on Fun with grown ups. It reminded me of this one friend of mine whom I will NEVER EVER go to a restaurant with EVER again. Lovely women, but horribly rude and picky at restaurants.
  • The chapter on when she took her kids to the cottage of a picky eater - trust me!
  • The Sunday Dinner discussion
  • Discussion on Men and BBQ's
  • Tips for cocktail parties
  • Kathy has given me the perfect response to give to Jacob at bedtime - see the last quote in my favorite quotes section.
  • Some great recipes for time-strapped mom's - in other words - recipes for moms
  • The State Fair Secrets
  • Her Dieting tips
  • Ok you got the point the whole book is wise and hilarious - now go buy the book -- you can do it online you know, you don't even half to leave the house and while you are waiting for book to arrive go follow her on Twitter - Trust me, I'm a Librarian
The Not so Good Stuff
  • Not long enough
  • Must remember not to read her stuff at the reference desk, seems it freaks our students out when a Librarian snorts out-loud every 60 seconds.  Little buggers don't realize we have a sense of humour
  • I keep getting busted by Jake for saying Shut Up (which we had always told him was a bad thing to say -- I know the one time he actually listens I get busted)
Favorite Quotes/Passages (I am only putting a few otherwise this post would be massive)

"I know all the hiding places for the peas and lima beans. Stop it"

"When did we start adhering to some unwritten law that states our children may never be hungry or uncomfortable in any way? Oh yes. Since we all decided to be obese, that's when. Never mind."

"Do not - I repeat, do not-be afraid to use dessert as a bribe. It's a bribe. We know it's a bribe, and the kids know it's a bribe."

"Go away. Mommy has a glass of wine and if she doesn't get to drink it she will run away from home."

What I Learned
  • That I want to hang out with the author 
  • Some nice easy recipes for the nights that I am rushed - in other words every fricken night
  • That I really am a damn good parent -- and my kids are just like everybody else's
Who should/shouldn't read
  • Those with no sense of humour -- hmm textbook parents -- should stay far far away
  • This should be required reading for all parents
  • Kids should also read this so they can understand mom a little better and appreciate the goddess' that they are
  • Anyone who loved reading Erma Bombeck - she's like a much hipper Canadian version of her
5 Dewey's (Go now and buy the book -- trust me I'm a Librarian)

I won from Yummy Mummy Club Bookalicious and just did this review so that you would go out and buy her book, cause she makes me LMAO and I want her to keep writing more. Why are you still reading -- I told you to go buy the book dammit!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Relay for Life - Milton (2010)

One of my favorite people and also one of my closest friends, Carianne, takes part in the Relay for Life each year.  This year she wanted to know if any of us wanted to take part, and of course -- you know me I just cannot resist a chance to walk, not to mention support someone I love -- chose (hee hee Franklin Covey) to say yes.

I am so glad I did, what a wonderful event for a disease that affects so many. I used to make a joke, since I am also fund-raising for spina bifida, that Cancer really sucks because whenever I ask for spina bifida donations, people were always saying -- sorry I gave to cancer this year.  Let me tell you I want to slap myself in the face for ever even thinking, let alone saying that out loud after taking part in the Relay for Life.  The amount of families this disease has affected is astronomical and how truly despicable this disease is. It not only affects those who have it, but it also devastates family members of those with the disease.  During the course of the event we heard stories from those in all walks of life. One of the most devastating things I saw that night was a little 3 year old boy walking the survivors walk - it sickens me to see a child so young to have suffered so much.  I also saw a luminary dedicated to a child who only lived two years before Cancer took him.  I really wish I was a writer right now, so I could tell you all about the people we met and the tragedies that some of these people have suffered, but I'm not.

It wasn't just a sad night, it was also a night to celebrate the lives of those who have survived cancer, a night to show those suffering right now that we will not let them suffer alone and we will fight along side them and to kick cancer's ass.

For more information about Relay for life:

Here are some pics of our night

Yes, We're Airlifting Books to Needy School Libraries in L.A. - from Canada

So I'm figuring by now you know that I love Libraries, books, authors and charities -- so this post should be no surprise to you faithful readers  --- unless you just come by to look for contests (no judging I'm one of those too at some blogs) than you will have no frickin idea why I am writing this

One of my FAV Canadian children's authors (my god we have tons of amazing kids authors in Canada -- makes up for all that serious and depressing Canadian adult literature) Helaine Becker (My son is also a big fan),  is doing something amazing to help out some needy school libraries in LA. She has organized a airlifting of books to needy school libraries in L.A., USA.  For an explanation of why she is doing this see the info and go to her blog.

The following information is from her blog, please go there for further info

Why should we and by the word 'we,' here, I mean Canadian kids' authors and supporters of Canadian literature participate in this project? i.e., why should You?????

Heres my thinking:

1. Because there are kids that need books. Period.

2. But Helaine! Arent there kids who need books closer to home? Yes. Of course. But by sending books to LA, we can get LOTS of publicity for the dire straits school libraries are in. Rebecca has appeared on Oprah, on NBC, and has had tea at the White House with Laura Bush (whom she asked why W wasn't sent to another bedroom for whats been allowed to happen in US school libraries). My hope and expectation is that this story will get picked up by major news outlets across the hemisphere.

3. We can also get lots of publicity for us, for Canada, for Canadian childrens authors, and Canadian childrens publishers. In Canada and outside of Canada. I will be writing a press release that will go out all across North America (and Sandra and Rebecca will write their own, with slightly different slants) that will present our points of view and list all of the contributing authors names, book titles contributed etc.

If you send me short snappy quotes about how you feel about this topic, I can include them in the release and maybe theyll get included in articles that get written. You never know.

So now I know you want to join this project. Heres what you need to do. Its practically nothing!!!!

1. Choose a current Canadian book thats in new or almost new condition and is appropriate for inclusion in a school library (up to high school).

2. Sign it (if you wrote it).

3. Take a digital photo of it before you mail it, or email me a picture of the cover. We will post this on the #airlifttoLA Facebook page.

3. Mail or drop off the book(s) to me. Email me at [email protected] for delivery instructions.

4. Please mark the outside of the package with the genre of book YA, Picture book, middle grade chap, nf, what have you. Im going to pre-sort the books to make them easier to catalogue at the other end.


I know, thats not a lot of time, but we have decided the best time to do this event is AUGUST 30, the first day of school in Compton, California, where the books are destined. We need to make sure the books have arrived in California for that date.

Please please please consider joining me in this endeavour.

Please forward this email, tweet, facebook update etc. to everyone you know who has an interest in books, equity, school libraries, literacy, reading, writing, children, education.Remember, the delivery of the books to needy kids is the #1 point. But point #1a is the publicity we can generate for the issue of school libraries in trouble. By sending books to LA, my hope is we can also help improve the situation right here in Canada.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!


Thanks guys! Jen

CSN Stores Review

So I got contacted  back in May by Ashley at CSN stores and she had generously afforded my blog readers and myself an opportunity to review an item of our choice from one of their hundreds of stores.

It was a hard choice to make since they have thousands of items that were of interest to me. So since I couldn't make up my mind I let the winner of the contest choose what item we would both receive.  Let me tell you I am so glad that Celeste won since I was in desperate need of a new diaper bag and  too cheap to go out and buy a new one.

The item Celeste chose was the Carter's Tonal Dot Tote Diaper Bag in Black / Pink

I have to be honest  before Ashley contacted me I knew nothing about CSN - other than the fact that a lot of other bloggers were hosting contests for them.  Now I am definitely a fan, the ordering was simple and quick and the delivery even in Canada was outrageously quick.  The prices are great and tons of items have free shipping so it really is an economical to shop with them.  My only complaints are the "International Fee's" for Canada which I consider to be outrageously high, so please if you are Canadian make sure you take that fee into consideration when purchasing. In most cases even with the fee, the items are cheaper than anywhere else.   My other complaint, and  not just with CSN, is the amount of packaging for items. Seriously, the item was not breakable and could be packed in way less packaging than it was. I forgot to take a picture, but you can see what I mean in my buddy Natasha's post on her CSN purchase.

Now as for the Diaper bag, I love it.  It is the perfect size for taking to Jesse's daycare everyday and for day trips and even an overnight trip. There are the right amount of pockets for everything and it is really durable.  I even love the little cell phone holder that comes with it (I use it daily in my backpack for my cell phone protection -- hint hint people I REALLY could use a new backpack -- something that an adult would carry)

My hubby hates the colour and cannot figure out why I would have chose pink when I have two boys - and one gets called a girl at times -- but for god sakes I live with all boys -- I need me a little girly thank you  very much -- now piss off and make me some dinner husband.

Here are some pics of it

 Love the changing pad, very stylish

Handy bag (attached) good for snacks or toiletries & snazzy little cell phone holder for protection from grubby little hands (I use this day to day in my backpack when I am commuting to work)

 Lots of space and pockets to hold everything (Even roomy enough to hold your trashy romance novel for when your little angel has a nap in the stroller)

And just because they are so damn cute, here is a pic of the BOY's that this bag is for (older has Spina Bifida and needs toileting supplies)

Thank you so much CSN!

Spirit Wheel Walk Run for Spina Bifida 2010

Well another year is done.  No more charity whoring for me until at least January 2011.  We raised over $1400 for the Spina Bifida Association of Ontario thanks to the generous support of my friends, family, bloggers and a bunch of fantastic donations from my favorite authors.  Most importantly we got out the word about what spina bifida is and brought attention to the challenges faced by those living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus

Thank you all for your generous support and for putting up with all my posts, conversations, emails, newsletters and phone calls -- you can once again take comfort that I won't be hitting you up for anything  -- well until I start again in 2011.  I want to do something different next year to raise money so I would love to hear some ideas and suggestions. Also would love a heads up on authors you would like me to contact next year.

As for all you authors who donated your books, I just want you to know how impressed and touched I am by your generosity.  You are not only talented individuals you are truly decent people to do so much for someone you don't even know.  I love you all and will now spend the rest of the year promoting your work so that I can selfishly keep you writing for my amusement and entertainment -- ok and for others to find out about your talents -- but really it is all for me ; )

Here are some pictures from this years event. We had to cut the walk short due to the crappy weather -- but hopefully we still brought some attention to the cause

No more charity crap ok Mom!

No more crying Jesse!

My sister Tracy

Natasha A.

Melanie and Natasha w/ their prizes

All the signed books & none for me ; (

Other prize table

The stragglers - the hot guy in yellow is my hubby!

yearly backside pic

Crazy Carianne!

My sister, brother in law and Jesse

Hiding from the rain before we left - waiting for last minute walkers

The End - another year done (I'm the soaked one in green & Jake is beside me looking sooo unimpressed)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mom and Me Mondays (Scholastic Edition): The Amazing World of Stuart by Sara Pennypacker

The Amazing World of Stuart: Stuart's Cape & Stuart Goes to School
by Sara Pennypacker
Illustrated by Martin Matje
Scholastic Inc
ISBN: 978-0-545-17842-6
128 Pages
Suggested Reading: Ages 7 - 10 (Grade 2-5)

Description: In Stuart's Cape, Stuart and his flaky family have just moved to town, and there's plenty to worry about. Stuart is very good at worrying, but not so good at waiting. Impatient for an adventure, he makes himself a cape out of a hundred old ties, and from then on, he has one preposterous adventure after another. In Stuart Goes to School, Stuart is living in a new town, going to a new school, and has not yet made any friends. He has plenty to worry about. Luckily Stuart has his magical cape. Can he control the adventures his cape creates in order to impress his classmates, or will he become the laughing stock of the whole third grade?

Jake's Review: Mom this Stuart kid is sort of like a human Scaredy Squirrel (By Melanie Watt). I think he even gets more nervous than I do.  I liked all of the funny pictures and the story made me laugh a lot.  My favorite part was when the cat switched bodies with the garbage man. I also liked that he didn't want to go to school because he wasn't sure if he could make friends.  I think my friend Benjamin would like this book and I hope you will get me more Stuart books. You aren't giving this away to anyone are you, I want to take my time reading it again without you nagging me.

Jake's Rating: 8/10

Mom's Review: Yo Jake, this kid remind you of anybody?  Stuart is a lovely sensitive, imaginative little kid with some serious anxiety issues -- and for you that know Jake, you can see why I loved this book.  The stories will be very appealing to boys, especially to those who have some anxiety issues. They will see themselves as Stuart and it might help them deal with some of their anxiety. The secondary characters are very secondary which is my only issue with the book, I would like to see them developed a little more -- especially the delightfully wacky  Aunt Bubbles.  I love some of the quirky things that Stuart comes up with and his relationship with some of the new neighbors is quite entertaining. This would be a perfect book for a classroom library and should definitely be included in all grade school libraries -- hint hint James Bolton Public School.

"Stuart was very good at worrying. He was not so good at waiting" describes my little boy to a T -- and if we have to be honest here -- sort of describes mom as well.

Mom's Rating: 9/10

WINNERS for Spina Bifida Spirit Wheel Walk Run

Hi Everyone

I will post later with the amounts raised and who won the prizes for the most referrals.  But for now here are the list of prize winners.  Most of the winners were picked by some of the kids that took part in the walk.  Even my little one Jesse got to pick

 Jesse (way past naptime)
 My Lovely Assistant

Everything was done fairly with the drawings observed by all those who took part in the event.  I was offered bribes -- but I cannot be bribed (Well unless someone wants to bring me Nathan Fillion -- than we can talk)

Thank you to everyone who donated and bought tickets, it means so much to my family and to other families living with the challenges of Spina Bifida.  Ok, I know, I know -- just tell us who fricken won!

Prize Pack #1 (Kelly Armstrong Books): Felicia (thehistorychick)
Prize Pack #2 (MJ Davidson Books): Angela Hunter
Prize Pack #3 (Illona Andrews): Kynyn Doughty
Prize Pack #4 (YA Pack): Joan Kavanagh
Prize Pack #5 (Jen's Fav #1): Phyllis Campbell
Prize Pack #6 (Jen's Fav #2): Natasha Barnes
Prize Pack #7 (Men's Pack): Carl Gustaw
Prize Pack #8 (Naughty but Nice): Holly Reid
Prize Pack #9 (Helaine Becker): Holly Reid
Prize Pack #10 (Scholastic/Klutz Pack): Lydia Morrison
Prize Pack #11 (Cooking Pack): Tracy Porter
Prize Pack #12 (Jen's Favorite Things): Natasha Armstrong
Prize Pack #13 (Kids Books): Pam Seidel
Prize Pack #14 (Scrapbooking): Pam Seidel

I will be emailing all winners, so keep a look out

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Master and the Muses by Amanda McIntyre: Book Review

The Master and the Muses
by Amanda McIntyre
Harlequin-Spice Books
ISBN: 9780373605446

Description: They are his inspiration. He is their obsession.  Icon, rebel, unabashed romantic with a single look painter Thomas Rodin conveys the ecstasy of creativitythe pleasures awaiting the woman who can fuel his artistry. the Innocent: What did this master artist see in me? Genius abided in his soul, rapture in his fleshI doubted not. To refuse himmy folly. To surrendermy sensual salvation. the Upstart: I chafed at the bonds of servitude until he set me free. I turned my back on all that I knew to follow him and found myself between two menmaster and studentone whom I loved with my heart...the other with my body.
the Courtesan: I understood, perhaps better than any, his needs. I stoked the fires of his soul, the spark of his creativity he made me a legend. But never could I forget his searing touch.
Three transcendent tales of women bewitched by a master of seduction a slave as much to his art as to his boundless passion.

The Good Stuff

  • Very sensual
  • Beautifully written
  • Heartbreakingly sad at times
  • writer has a gift for writing very sensual and seductive sex scenes -- and steamy
  • Thomas is a delightful cad at time, mad artist at others and just a truly fascinating character
  • The opening chapter is wonderful and gets you hooked right away
  • Loved the spunk of the muse Sarah. She is very much like Thomas self involved but not evil or unkind
  • Did I mention that there were some seriously steamy scenes, thinking hubby might just get lucky later
  • It's historical and we know I love that in my romances
  • The guy on the cover is yummy
The Not so Good Stuff
  • The story on the 2nd muse is a little weak story-wise, which is a shame as she is a fascinating character
  • Liked the character of  William and would have liked more on him, but that would have made the book way too long
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"I consider myself a spiritualist, a believer in karma more so than doctrine. My passion lies in the tip of my brush, but my inspiration is women. They are my muses. I ask you, what creature in all the earth epitomizes such beauty and grace?"

"Thomas regards women with the same awe that other men reserve for the stars, or a sunrise.

"Your hair is glorious. That deep russetthose mahogany undertones are positively scandalous!"

"I'd seen the face of a dear friend murdered by God knows who and God knows why, because shed had no choice but to do what she did to survive. "

What I Learned
  • a new term for prostitute - Ladybird
  • Having a sensual affair with an artist sounds extremely decadent
  • Artist's make very poor husbands
  • Never judge someone by their profession (oldest)
Who should/shouldn't read
  • Sooooo not for the prudish
  • Fantastic book for a cold winter's night or with a glass of wine in the hot tub (but I advise getting the book and not reading an e-copy in the water -- that could go bad)
  • Fans of Bertrice Small, Jo Beverly, Mary Jo Putney will enjoy
4 Dewey's - Definitely worth price of cover

I received a temporary e-copy of the book for an honest review from NetGalley

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Folly by Marthe Jocelyn: Book Review

by Marthe Jocelyn
Tundra Books
ISBN: 978-0-88776-929-0
Recommended Age: Probably 13 and up due to sexuality - but up to you Mom and Librarians (Library Technicians), not my place to choose who is mature enough

Description: Three fates intertwine in this moving and passionate love story set in Victorian London.

Mary Finn: country girl, maid to a lord in London
Caden Tucker: liar, scoundrel, and heart's delight
James Nelligan: age six, tossed into a herd of boys

When Mary Finn falls into the arms of handsome Caden Tucker, their frolic changes the course of her life. What possesses her? She's been a girl of common sense until now. Mary's tale alternates with that of young James Nelligan, a new boy in an enormous foundling home.

The Good Stuff
  • Beautifully written
  • Written so eloquently and real that you feel you are back in the late 1800's
  • Heartbreakingly sad
  • Great story for convincing kids to use birth control
  • Impossible to put down, you care so much for EVERYONE in the story
  • James: I must adopt that boy and give him a great big hug
  • Extremely impressed with authors attention to detail and a truly remarkable gift for storytelling in all era's. I look forward to reading more of her works.  I have also reviewed her other book Would You
The Not so Good Stuff
  • language may be a little challenging for the younger YA reader (Or an overtired Mommy)
  • Need a lot of kleenex while reading it -- must stop reading sad books in my office, at reference desk and in front of my husband (he made fun of me the cad)
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"I did not know the heart were like a china teacup hanging in the cupboard from a single hook, that it could chip and crack and finally smash to the ground under a book heel."

"Well, you'll not want to know the details any more than we did, though it might benefit mothers forever if young men had a brighter ken of how a baby arrives."

What I Learned
  • That I am damn grateful that I wasn't alive during the late 1800's
  • Some old English terms
Who should/shouldn't read

  • Due to sexual content I would recommend it for older YA readers. (It isn't very graphic though)
  • Probably not the best for a reluctant reader as language is a little challenging
  • A must addition to public and school libraries
4 Dewey's (Definitely worth price of cover)

I won from Library Thing Early Reviewers and promised to write an honest review

Sunday, June 20, 2010

UPDATE Raffle for the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario- UPDATED


New Payment Option (Not a huge fan of this idea, since you guys don't know if I am legit or not and I don't like to encourage people to pay someone that they don't know, but that being said if you want a  chance at raffle tickets and don't want to go to charity site, I will accept payment through Paypal - If this works for you just email me at jennifer DOT rayment AT humbercollege DOT com and I will send you directions)

Have also shortened the post since people were saying it was too frickin long.
US and Canada (Sorry International unless you want to pay for shipping) only unless otherwise mentioned.

Raffle ends June 26th

Hi Everyone

As most of you know my 1st born son, Jacob, was born with Spina Bifida.  I won't go into much detail since you can find out more about our joys and tribulations of living with the challenges of Spina Bifida here

An organization called the Spina bifida and hydrocephalus association of Ontario has been an invaluable help to us on so many occasions that I take part in their annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run event each year.  The work I do for the event will hopefully help pay them back for all the assistance they have provided to our family and other families just like us.  Please give generously and just remember even $5 can help make a difference.

To thank people for donating to my annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run event I am hosting a raffle.  For EVERY $5 you donate to the cause you can choose a chance to get one of the items listed in the form

I also want to thank all the generous author's, blogger's, publishers and companies that donated to this wonderful event.  We couldn't have done this without you!

You can make your donations in person, or on the following site.  Choose Donate NOW
and under Fund Designation choose 2010 SWWR: Jakes Journey (Rayment Family) - THEY ACCEPT PAYPAL TOO

Here are some of the pictures of the prizes. In some cases I have not yet received the actual item, so I have posted a generic picture of the item.

Item #1 Signed Books: Kelly Armstrong

Item #2 Signed Books: MJ Davidson

Item #3 Signed Illona Andrews (4 Books)

Item #4 YA Pack: Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Shiver (Signed) & Hush Hush (Signed)

Item #5 Jen's Fav's #1: Signed JK Beck ARC, Signed Jennifer Estep, 2 Signed Books by Bertrice Small and Jo Beverly

Item #6 Jen's Fav's #2: Charlaine Harris,Jeaniene Frost & Marta Acosta (All Signed)

Item #7 Men's Pack: Clint Eastwood Collection, Patrick Rothfuss (Signed) and Drew Hayden Taylor (Signed)

Item #8 Naughty but Nice:  2 Jill Myles, Bertrice Small & RG Alexander (All Signed)

Item #9 Helaine Becker Pack (All Signed) 

Item #10 Scholastic Kids Pack

Item #11 Library Baskets: Various Books & Cooking Items (contact me if you want details)

Item #12 A few of Jen's Favorite Things: Massage, Wine, Aloette Body products & books

Item #13 Kids Book Basket (contact me if you want details)

Item #14 Scrapbooking Pack (contact me if you want details)

Please fill out the following form AFTER you have made the donation. This raffle is separate from the donation form so just make the donation and than come back here.  Canada Helps has nothing to do with the actual raffle.  Also since I am not tech savy and could not figure out how to do multiple entries for one prize -  if you donate over $5 and want all your raffle tickets to go to one prize only, put it in the comment box at the end of the form.

Put other daily promotion of raffle in comments section and will add to your total

Please pass this on to everyone you know! 
 Here is a pic of my boys

Jeff (I know he's a Habs fan, but I still love him), Jesse and Jacob at Zoo May 2010