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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Gathering (Darkness Rising #1) by Kelley Armstrong: Book Review and Contest!

The Gathering (Darkness Rising #1)
by Kelley Armstrong
Doubleday Canada (Random House)
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Suggested Ages:  13 + (nothing too sexual or violent)
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Description:  Strange things are happening in Maya's tiny Vancouver Island town. First, her friend Serena, the captain of the swim team, drowns mysteriously in the middle of a calm lake. Then, one year later, mountain lions are spotted rather frequently around Maya's homeand her reactions to them are somewhat . . . unexpected. Her best friend, Daniel, has also been experiencing unexplainable premonitions about certain people and situations. It doesn't help that the new bad boy in town, Rafe, has a dangerous secret, and he's interested in one special part of Maya's anatomyher paw-print birthmark.

The Good Stuff
  • I cannot believe I have never read one of Kelley's books before, she is an incredible storyteller. She is also a lovely women who sent me a signed copy of one of her books for my SB&H (Spina Bifida Association) raffle
  • The story grabs your attention from the 1st chapter and doesn't let go until the very last page
  • Maya's parents are AWESOME -- this is the first YA book I have read where the parents aren't self-involved, clueless douche bags - Thank you Kelley for this I will buy and read all your books
  • Intriguing mysterious story with lots of twists and turns
  • Wonderfully dry fun dialogue -- it was hard to pick just a few good quotes for this review
  • Lots of Cougars and I don't mean old chicks like me, actual Cougars (and for you Americans otherwise known as Mountain Lions). I love animals what can I say
  • Set in Canada -- I know, I know but I am a geeky Canadian when I recognize City/Province names I get excited
  • Strong female lead and interesting secondary characters
  • Love the relationship between Maya and her parents and Maya and her friends, especially Daniel
The Not so Good Stuff
  • The story ended on a cliffhanger and I am reading this on March 6th and this book hasn't even been published yet -- how long do I have to wait for the next book --  I'm impatient : )
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"UM, yeah. She climbed a tree to escape a cat. She's suffering from a serious case of stupid."

"In Nanaimo? Must be a low-budget Canadian production."
"Is there any other kind?"

"Takes care of me? Did I go to sleep and wake up in the nineteenth century?" I looked down at my jeans and T-shirt. "Ack! I can't go to school like this. Where's my Corset? My bonnet?
Dad sighed as Mom walked in with her empty teacup.
"What did I miss?" she said
"Dad's trying to marry me off to Daniel." I looked at him. "You know, if you offer him a new truck for a dowry, he might go for it."
"Apparently, I said the wrong thing," Dad told Mom

What I Learned
  • That I so need to go to Vancouver 
  • That I need to go get the rest of Kelley's books
Who should/shouldn't read
  • My neighbors daughter actually squealed when she found out I had got a copy of this. I even let her read it before me because I know she WILL go out and buy her own copy -- she has all of Kelley's books and they are all signed (Kelley lives near where we live)
  • Anyone who likes paranormal YA stories -- or quite frankly anyone who likes a good story
5 Dewey's

I received this from Random House in exchange for an honest review -- hmmm, think I might have to beg them to put me on the list for all of Kelley's new releases

Random House has kindly offered TWO copies of The Gathering for me to give away
Must be a follower
Make some sort of comment - use your imagination - in the comments field with your email address (so that I can email you if you won, if you don't feel comfortable leaving your email - just mention that in the comments)
Open to Canada ONLY - Sorry my U.S and International Followers
End April 27th


  1. I love Kelleys books and cannot wait to read this one.
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  2. Kelleys Women of the Otherworld series is one my favorites. I still need to catch in the series. Id love to win this book. Ive never read ya novel by her yet.

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  3. Ive been hearing alot about this one, count me in! [email protected]

  4. I so want to read Kelleys YA!
    natasha AT

  5. I love Kelleys books and love that shes a fellow Canadian because Im a little geeky too and get excited when I recognize Canadian places in books and movies! AND this book would be extra special because I live on the west coast where it is set in! :)

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy!


  6. Kelleys books are fantastic. I have only read her other YA books and loved them. If you enjoyed this I think you would really like the other three YA books she has out too.

    I am like you too if I am reading a book and i recognize or know places I get all geeky.


  7. I am crossing fingers and toes. Id love to win this one for my 14 yr old son. He loves these books and he gets to talk with girls about them lol.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  8. This sounds wonderful....and being an American cougar, I would LOVE to read it ;)

    [email protected]

  9. Kelley is one of my favourite authors! I love all her books!

    I follow via GFC.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    spettolij AT gmail DOT com

  10. Ive not read any of her books either but I keep reading great things about her books so Ill be adding this to my wish list. Although Im not reading it yet so I wont have to wait as long for the next one ;)

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