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Monday, April 11, 2011

There's Lead in Your Lipstick Excerpt and Earth Day Contest

There's Lead in Your Lipstick
by Gillian Deacon
Penguin Canada
ISBN: 9780143172505
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Description: By the time she heads out the front door, the modern woman has spritzed, sudsed, and slathered herself in more than 127 different chemicals, many of them more toxic than beautifying.
So how can you look and feel great while safeguarding your health? Get smart and go green from head to toe with the help of eco-expert Gillian Deacon. In The Green Body Guide, you'll learn how to read the ingredients to identify and understand the preservatives that are bad for your body and damaging to the earth, including formaldehyde in deodorant, nail polish, soap, shampoo, and shaving cream; coal tar in hair dyes; lead in lipstick; and many more. This is an indispensable handbook of personal-care choices that are sustainable, both for your health and for the earth.

Review will follow on Earth Day

Special Earth Day Note From Gillian Deacon

Earth day shouldn't just be an annual tip of the hat to greener living. This year, make it the day you recalibrate your everyday patterns to be more earth-friendly all year long.

You don't have to be a treehugger to care about avoiding toxins in your everyday bodycare. Synthetic chemicals in personal care products contaminating groundwater and wildlife is alarming enoughbut theyre also contaminating us. Those hard-to-read ingredients you squint at on the back of a product label? Theyre building up inside your body and in your childrens bodieson Earth Day and everyday.

Make today the day you start paying attention to that fine print. Turn a product over and read the ingredients label before you are seduced by the green imaging on the package. The good news is, there are lots of safer products on the market.

Good luck and I hope youll check out Theres Lead in Your Lipstick for more ideas on how to clean up your act!

Make It Yourself: Moisturizing Mask

Greek yogourt is also very moisturizing and can be used as a base for this mask.
1/2 medium to large avocado
1 to 2 tbsp honey 5 to 15 mL
Puree ingredients together in a blender or whip by hand.
For dry, sensitive skin, add one tablespoon of oatmeal and
on tablespoon of water.
Mix together into a smooth paste and apply to the face and
neck area, leaving on for about ten minutes.

From Theres Lead in Your Lipstick by Gillian Deacon (Penguin Canada). Copyright Backbone Inc. FSO Gillian Deacon, 2011

Gillian Deacon

Award-winning broadcaster and writer Gillian Deacon brings her informed and friendly style to the subject that has long been her passion. A busy working mom and host of CBC-TV's The Gill Deacon Show, she understands the challenges of trying to "do it all" with a smaller environmental footprint.

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Contest Rules

Canada Only
Ends April 22nd - Earth Day
Comment on why you would like this book

Prize details: one prize pack of Theres Lead In Your Lipstick

and an Eco Kiss kit from Saffron Rouge  Retail value total is approx CDN $48.95.


  1. Im so concerned about dangerous ingredients in the cosmetics I use every day. Id love to win this book and the prize pack to help me make more informed decisions so I can stay healthy and lead-free!

    @sweetkeet on Twitter

  2. I would love to read this...what a great information source!

  3. I would just love to read this book! Something every woman should know about! :)

    Amanda ([email protected])

  4. Ive only recently become aware of toxins in everyday products and this book seems like an interesting (and easy!) intro in helping to detox our house!

    Twitter: @retromusic

  5. my wife wants to avoid toxins at all costs, shes constantly trying to help our family eat better by buying organic and growing things ourselves

  6. I am always concerned about toxins in products and believe all that maybe cancer related.

    [email protected]

  7. there are so many ways we push and test our bodies every day - why poison ourselves more than we have to. Id love to learn more.

    [email protected]

  8. I bought a new long lasting bright red lipstick the other day, I was so happy with it, until my daughter started telling me about all the lead it had in it. Yuck, I follow a fairly organic lifestyle and now I find my lippie is lead filled. I need to read this book.

  9. I was interested in natural products yet could not find many especially lipsticks in nice colors. When I ended up in the hospital a few months ago with an undetermined auto-immune disease I decided to change my life. I decided to learn as much as I can as best as I can to improve my life and my health. [email protected] April 14, 2011 @ 7:30 pm

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  11. I would love to get a copy of this book for two reasons - first to read myself, since Im very interested in natural skin care & cosmetics. But also because I belong to a local environmental group (Green T Caledon) who routinely hold speakers nights to educate the public. It would be wonderful to have a copy of such a great resource book, and be able to share some of the insights with other Green T members - perhaps inspiring them to go a bit further in their "Green" journey. :)

  12. I would like to win a copy because Id like to be able to make informed choices about the beauty products I buy. Im also a teacher, and Id like to pass on some of that knowledge to my students.

    Plus, my lips can always use more lip balm!

  13. Gillians book will be a valuable resource for personal and patient use in my naturopathic medical clinic. Thank you for shining a light on this enormous issue!
    [email protected]

  14. I recently learned of the dangers in our cosmetic products while listening to a radio show that Gillian was talking about her book on. Ive just started revamping what I eat and didnt even think about looking in my medicine cabinet! Upon starting, Ive come to see that its a confusing task - just because it says natural on the label doesnt mean that its a green product! I dont think I can do this on my own - I need the help of an expert. This is why I would live to win a copy f Gillins book.

  15. i am a health & beaut product addict, and i hate to think that a lot of what i use could be dangerous. also, im just getting into wearing & buying everyday makeup and id like to start off buying and using the best, safest products from the get-go!


  16. I have been using natural laundry and cleaning products for the last twenty years, but have not fully done so with facial and beauty products. Would love to learn more about them. Thanks for this giveaway!
    laura at laurafabiani dot com

  17. What is next, where were these lipsticks made is it the country that put lead in everything they made, I really wonder if America cannot make things for themselves, what really is their problem in such case.