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Friday, April 1, 2011

Vanished by Meg Cabot: Book Review

Vanished (When Lightning Strikes & Code Name Cassandra)
by Meg Cabot
Simon Pulse (Simon and Schuster)
ISBN: 978-1-4424-0629-2
Suggested Ages: 12 + (Or more mature younger readers)
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 Description:A giftor a curse? Jessica Mastriani has never liked attention. All she wants is to make it to high school graduation like any ordinary girl. But when Jess is struck by lightning, she becomes anything but ordinary: suddenly she has the ability to locate missing children.

Now Jess is getting noticed in all the wrong ways and by all the wrong people. The media is obsessed with her and her story. The FBI is tapping her phone. And whats going on with sexy senior Rob? Soon Jess learns the hard way that not everyone who is lost wants to be found. With no one to trust, it's up to Jess to decide what to do with her new powerbefore its decided for her.

The Good Stuff

  • Absolutely positively delightful heroine. I would totally adopt this girl in a heart beat
  • Hilarious dialogue
  • quirky and different plot
  • Parents of Jess are realistic and only slightly clueless. I really don't like the Mom though
  • The storyline is so absorbing and fun you will not want to put it down and even-though the book looks huge, you will have it read in no time at all
  • Loved the realistic and honest relationships between Jess and her family and friends
  • The scenes between Meg and the two FBI agents are LMAO funny 
  • Very sweet at times
  • Tons of pop culture references such as the X-Files and Bones which I totally geeked out about
  • This is my first Meg Cabot book and now I must go out and get some more of her books
The Not so Good Stuff
  • Book is cumbersome to read - would have preferred to read it as two separate books
  • So fun and good I didn't want to put it down & I left the next book at work and its Friday so I cannot read it until Monday
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"And what the hell, I have so many weeks of detention, I've completely given up the idea of ever having a life. It's too bad, in fact, that detention doesn't count as an extra-curricular activity. Otherwise, I'd be looking real good to a lot of colleges right about now."

"That's the thing about Feds, see. They can sound just like normal people. When they aren't wearing their trench coats and earpieces, they look just like anybody else. They're  not like the Feds on TV-you know, like Booth or Brennan, or whatever. Like, they aren't really handsome, or pretty , or anything."

"You were right, Jess," he said. "Tampons do make good fuses.
I glanced at Ruth.  "And you said detention was a waste of my time."
Ruth only shook her head. "The American public education system," she said, "was clearly not designed with ingrates like you in mind."

What I Learned
  • Getting hit by lighting - not all bad
Who should/shouldn't read
  • Perfect for fans of Kiersten White as the writing style and dialogue has the fun sassy quality to it
  • Those who enjoy Buffy or Veronica Mars will definitely enjoy
  • Not for those who like darker angsty YA fiction
4.5 Dewey's

Natasha (Thanks Tasha!!)  lent me this and I did not have to review it, but I had to tell you how delightful these stories are -- now stop reading my inane babbling and get thee to a book store and buy it

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