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Monday, August 8, 2011

Mom and Me Mondays: The Deadlies: Spiders on the Case by Kathryn Lasky

The Deadlies: Spiders on the Case
by Kathryn Lasky
Illustrated by Stephen Gilpin
ISBN: 978-0-545-11682-4
Suggested Ages: 7-9
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Description: Can Jo Bell spin a web big enough to catch . . . a criminal? The world's friendliest spiders take center stage in bestselling author Kathryn Lasky's latest book about The Deadlies!
They're sweet and friendly . . . but they just happen to be super toxic. The Deadlies are the world's most misunderstood family of spiders. Kicked out of home after home, all the Deadlies want is to settle down in a cozy web with no exterminators around.
Now they've found the perfect place - the Rare Books room at the Boston Library. The librarian isn't afraid of the Deadlies, and they have lots of lovely books to explore. But their peace is threatened when a thief starts targetting the library. Can the Deadlies spin a web big enough to catch a crook - or is it back on the road once more?

Jake's Review: Sorry Mom, really didn't like this one. I think its more for younger kids and for girls. Way too much history and boring book stuff - you will probably like it though.  I did like the pictures throughout the book and some of the gross spider stuff  was fun, but that was it.  This is one that you can give away to someone else, I don't wanna keep it.
Jake's Rating: 4/10

Mom's Review: Adorable story for the middle school reader in the 7 - 9 range. Its set in a library so you can see the appeal for me, but I think  Jake will find it interesting as well (update to my original review: guess I was wrong there about Jake liking it) . Lots of gross spider stuff for kids to enjoy and some science and history lessons weaved into the story as well.  The illustrations will help keep the more reluctant reader interested in the story. Young kids will appreciate the dynamics between the family members and feel a connection with the overlooked kid.  A good story for a classroom library to get the students interested in learning more about spiders in a fun way. Oh yeah and a good message about the evils of defacing and stealing stuff from the library -- I'm with Buster use the venom on the evil ones who deface library material (Jake's Note: Mom isn't that a little harsh)

Mom's Rating: 8/10

We received this from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review (Sorry Scholastic, Jake doesn't like to hold back LOL!)

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