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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random House of Canada Loves Bloggers Event

I luckily made the cut and was invited to the Random House of Canada Loves Bloggers event on Saturday February 11th held at the mother ship  headquarters of Random House Canada.

Entrance & next 3 books on my TBR list
The event started off with a meet and great where we had some yummy treats and got to chat with some bloggers that I have had the privilege of meeting before as well as meeting some bloggers who I follow (still sounds creepy and stalkerish) but have never met.  Also met some new Bloggers who will now be added to my Google Reader - thank god for GR for keeping me organized and up to date! Especially enjoyed talking to Rhiannon (whose hair I also coveted - such a spectacular colour) who had a bunch of helpful tips for my upcoming trip to BEA.  Tons of my favorite people were there and I am not going to name them all just in case I forget someone -- I have guilt issues you know.

A few of the lovely girls -- sorry was so busy chatting forgot to take more pics
We than got introduced to the mystery special guests of Erin Morgenstern (The Night Circus), Paula McLain (The Paris Wife) and Ami McKay (The Virgin Cure) who all gave a little talk. All three of these talented ladies were charming and funny and I coveted Paula's hair (may have to show hairdresser picture and say give me this style).  I was so ashamed that I had read none of their works and have now moved them all to the top of my almost topling TBR pile.  I loved Ami so much hers will be the first on my list -- plus she's Canadian.  Erin was hilarious and had me lmao. Paula was so articulate and intersting that I truly felt like a 12 yr old girl while talking to her, but she was so sweet and passionate about her work.

Ami reading her very first blog post
Lindsey than put together a Slideshow highlighting some of our reviews as well as some upcoming books (Very much looking forward to reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry) that got us all excited. Lindsey is such an enthusiastic and fun speaker that I am now looking forward to some more books that I might not have been in the first place. Random House has introduced me to so many different books that I never would have looked at twice, and now count them as my favorite reads.

Look that's me mentioned
The Enthusiastic and fun Lindsey
The very best part we than got copies of all of the authors books that we could get signed -- I know so seriously cool isn't it -- and even after that we all got a goody bag with more books and some pens (I know a little silly about getting excited about pens, but I work in a college library and the little heathens are always stealing them and we have to beg the cheapskate office manager for more) I got Paula to sign the book for my niece Tanya as  I think she would love The Paris Wife -- sorry Tanya, I'm reading it before I pass it on to you at the Jodi Picoult event --which Paula mentioned that she also was going to be hosting.
(Thanks for trading for Spellbound Jen!)
Thank you Lindsey, Cassandra and the rest of the RH Crew as well as Erin, Paula and Ami for a truly wonderful event. Look forward to the next one (hint hint invite me again LOL!)

Sorry for the crappy pictures and childish writing (the English professors at Humber would be disgusted by my writing style) check out the following list of far more articulate bloggers for their recap of the event

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  1. Sounds like you guys had an awesome time. I guess that is a perk to living in Toronto. I loved reading the other bloggers posts but I see a few who I havent been following but will.

    I still have Night Circus on my TBR pile and hoping to get Amis book very soon.

    OMG you are going to BEA? YAY I am too. We should meet up sometime at BEA. It will be great to meet another Canadian blogger. Isnt it great to meet bloggers who live in your area?

    I dont think its creepy or stalkerish. hehee

    1. Love meeting up with other bloggers - especially book ones - definitely will have to meet up at BEA - we talk closer to event and can set up time and place. Have you gone before?

  2. It was great to see you again Jen! What a fun afternoon full of amazing authors, bloggers and of course the awesome RH crew!

    1. Thanks Mel, it was awesome hanging with you and the girls

  3. Sounds terrific! I loved The Night Circus, which is the only one on your list that I have read. I hope you enjoy it too and have a blast at BEA!

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, must get to reading it soon - so many books so little time - Thanks!

  4. Lucky, lucky, lucky! Very cool event.

    1. Thanks! Been lucky with this book blogging thing to meet some incredible authors and publishers, not to mention bloggers