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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Day in the Life - Missy Jane

Today for those who have not yet had the pleasure of reading her works, I introduce you to Missy Jane. Also, if you don't already follow her on Twitter, I highly recommend you do -- I do and I only follow the very best.

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Missy Jane - Author

Whats a Typical day like for you? 
My first and foremost role is as mom, so Monday through Friday I wake at 6 am. I get my four girls up and fed then leave them to get ready for school. I walk the little ones to the bus stop and the older two leave later. By 8am its just me and my husband, but since he works nights hes usually still asleep. I try to walk at least a mile if the weather and my walking partner are up for it. Once I get home, I shower then eat breakfast. After all of that I can finally log onto my computer.

I usually spend at least an hour checking emails and looking through Twitter and Facebook. I honestly dont start writing until the afternoon when my husband leaves for work. If I log out of all the distractions, I can get at least 1,000 per hour added to one of my WIPs. I have a lot of Works In Progress, so I usually open a couple and wait to see which characters speak up first.

What books have most influenced your life most?
As for writing inspiration, the first book I wrote (unpublished) popped into my mind after reading The Obsidian trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. My character Alexia in They Call Me Death was inspired by Anita Blake (LK Hamilton) and Dante Valentine (Lilith Saintcrow).
As for my life in general, Ive been very moved by the work of Joyce Carol Oates. I Lock My Door Upon Myself is one of my faves, but my ultimate favorite book of all is Of Mice and Men.

What was the first story you remember writing -- this could even be something you wrote in Grade 1?
I remember writing stories as a child, but dont really remember specifics. I didnt write for a very long time and picked it up again as an adult. That was the fantasy novel I wrote inspired byThe Obsidian Trilogy.

How do you deal with negative reviews?
It kind of depends on the review. Ive met a lot of bloggers and readers online, so when its someone I feel I know I get a little bothered by it. Ive gotten better about not taking it personally, and it helps when theres an actual critique rather than just I didnt like it. But when its a complete stranger, or theres really no info in the review as to why its negative, I just ignore it.

What are you working on now?
Im actively working on two different WIPs with two others on standby if needed. I work this way because sometimes I dont feel inspired to work on a specific book for days or weeks at a time. Im concentrating mostly on the sequel to my vampire urban fantasy Day Shift. Its tentatively called Blood Rush and is from the heros POV rather than the heroines this time. Im also working on a companion story to my EC stories Two-Week Trial and Two Dates Max. Its tentatively titles Two Can Play and is also a contemporary erotic romance. My back-up WIPS are Redemption, a sequel to Resignation about Heather, and Much More Than Human, about Kotori in my shifter world.

If you could be one of the characters in your books, who would it be?
I really like my female characters in my EC romantic contemporaries. Its kind of hard to choose between them and they all have similar traits. I think I would like to be that kind of independent, sexually adventurous woman who doesnt mind taking a risk for the man who is worth it.

What One book would you bring if you were stuck on a desert Island?
My initial thought was Of Mice and Men, but then I decided something longer might be a smarter choice. So, Id take The Lord of the Rings.

What is the stupidest question you have ever been asked or what is stupidest thing someone has said to you in relation to being an author?
Hmmm, well I dont think Ive ever been asked anything really stupid. I guess the inevitable is your book any good? is the closest. I think Ive been asked that at a couple of signings.

How do friends/family react when you mention you also write Erotica?
My mom was shocked by my first erotic book cover, but everyone else seemed to take it in stride. I think they were all so proud of me for being published, it just didnt faze them. Ive got a great family and wonderful friends.

If you could be one Joss Whedon character, which one would you be and why (Some poor uniformed people actually have no idea who Joss Whedon is so I had to make back up questions)
Lol, I do know who Joss Whedon is but dont really watch enough TV or remember enough from his older shows to pick a character.

What are you reading now?
Right now Im reading an older Thea Devine novel called Tempted by Fire. Ive owned it for years but just recently picked it up and so far its pretty good. On my Nook I also have a whole list of ebooks I just downloaded to go through, but I dont know any specific titles off the top of my head.

Thanks for letting me participate in your post!

-Missy Jane
*Make reading a guilty pleasure* 
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COMING March 23rd!

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But my persistence backfires when he decides hes too dangerous for little ole me. Something in his past is driving a wedge between us, and hes determined to stay away. Thats not going to happen. This calls for some serious seduction. Ill use those sparks between us to melt away his rule of two dates max.


  1. Its always great to see how authors identify with the characters they create. I loved her quote: "I think I would like to be that kind of independent, sexually adventurous woman who doesnt mind taking a risk for the man who is worth it." I would, too!

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    1. Thanks Zara! Love your name. I have a character named Zaria ;-)

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    1. Thanks Missy! Awesome addition to the post. I will also be giving away one of your books in the A Day in the Life contest that will end at sometime in December

  4. LOL, just popping by late to say that I enjoyed your interview, Missy! BTW, youve a very mature and professional attitude towards negative reviews--hats off to you! And LOL at your moms reaction to your first cover :) Glad your familys supportive, which is wonderful! Looking forward to Two Nights Max!

    Congrats and happy reading, Zara!

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