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Saturday, March 24, 2012

In My Mailbox

For Review
Thanks Random House

Thanks Scholastic and Random House

Thanks ContestCanada
From Pampers


Yup I'm a Titanic addict
Purchased at Chapters Brampton
Thanks Niece and Sister for getting me this at Picoult event!
Titanic and Iceberg ice-cube tray (you know I had to buy)


  1. Great IMM this week... love the signed book from Jodi Picoult... read it and was at that event as well! Enjoy

    Here is my IMM

    Happy Reading!
    Lindsay @ Turning the Pages

    1. Heard it was a fabulous event, my niece couldnt stop talking about it

  2. Ooh I also like stuff about the Titanic... Gonna have to pick up that magazine!

    I tried to look out for your sister & niece but didnt see them!

    1. The article is pretty short but the poster is cool and will be going up in my office today

      My sis and niece came really late as they had been visiting me at the George RR Martin event - they said the cookies were yummy and glad they didnt have to share : )