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Sunday, April 22, 2012

In My Mailbox

For Review
Thanks Penguin and HarperCollins
Thanks Scholastic
Razorbill Signing

Thanks Jenn for getting these signed for me!!!
Random House YA Blogger Event
Thanks Random House For Incredible Event (3 books are signed by authors)
Thanks Klout
Book of Awesome Event

Thanks Penguin and Jenn for an Awesome event!
Got to hang with my "son" Liam and bud Jenn

Me, Captain Awesome and Jenn
Thanks Colleen - Made me LMAO!
Bolton Public Library Monster Book Sale


  1. Wait - arent you supposed to be getting rid of books? LOL - what a great haul! You have much to read, my friend - enjoy!

    1. LOL! I know I am so bad -- and Jeff agrees with that statement - hey whatever I get done before I leave is yours : )

  2. The Mackenzie book is on several blogs this week! such a nice reading pile you have. Enjoy them all.

    1. Yeah, I have seen that to. I finished it the other night and its fabulous! Sorta chick lit + (posting my review soon for it) and Thanks : )