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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Banff Springs: The Story of a Hotel by Bart Robinson - seriously short mini review

Banff Springs: The Story of a Hotel (4th Edition)
By Bart Robinson
ISBN: 978-0-9782375-1-6
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DescriptionBanff history books cover many subjects, but Banff Springs: The Story of the Hotel is the only book in print that tells the story of the Banff Springs Hotel, one of the world's great mountain resorts. Some institutions transcend themselves and become symbols of a place and time. Known to millions of visitors to Banff as "the Castle," or simply as "the Hotel," the Banff Springs is more than simply a place to stay, for it is the home of memories and a dream of gracious times in other ages.

This classic book to one of the world's most famous mountain resorts is filled with the rich anecdotes and snippets of history that have enriched Banff and indeed Canada, from the hotel's links to the construction of the transcontinental rail line to the visits of maharajahs and movie stars.First published in 1973, the 4th edition has been expanded to include recent developments. Although now printed in full colour, it is the timeless images by well-known photographers such as Bruno Engler and Nicholas Morant that bring the hotel's storied history to life

Mini Review: The pictures are beautiful and the research is well done, but it is  quite frankly a very dull book about a fascinating hotel.  But as I did buy it at the Banff Springs Hotel I must keep it for my collection. My hubby worked there for 7 years and his stories are much more fascinating than those included in the book.  The pictures are worth the price of the book though so not a complete loss, just expected better.  And seriously barely a half a page about the ghosts -- come on : ) It was fun discussing some of the people mentioned, especially Martin Luthi, who was partially responsible for making my hubby the cook that he is. (Thank you rich oil man's drunken wife - perfect timing on your need for a snack - and for telling your hubby and Luthi about how wonderful Jeff was - I have soooo benefited from this)

2.75 Dewey's (Mostly for the pictures)

I purchased at the Banff Springs Hotel because I wanted a memento of this stunning hotel (And someday hope to be able to afford to stay there for the night)


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