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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Addicts Haul - BEA edition

Sorry guys this one is going to big

For Review
Thanks Simon and Schuster
Thanks Vikki at HarperCollins

From (Han Solo Carbonite Ice Cubes, Captain America Earrings and Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutters)

Book Expo America

New York Purchases

Had to get the tacky shirt (which is already falling apart btw)
Hmm thinks I like Tshirts & Chocolate (also bought a pair of pink shoes - I know I bought shoes - how weird)

Had to get the Donkey book for Ally
Signed Books (Heat Rises signed by James Patterson, Michael Connolly & Dennis Lehane)
GiftBag from BEA Blogger Convention (Gave away rest)

Tuesdays Books
Wednesday Books

Children's Breakfast books

Briefcase signed by Daniel Handler & love my Captain Underpants Cape!

Gave half away

Picked this up for Amanda at work who is a rabid Hobbit fan


  1. Jennifer were you at the Scholastic party for Captain Underpants? I love looking at the book hauls from BEA because after looking at them I always wonder if we were at the same event. Great haul. I know what you mean about tacky cheap tshirts LOL

    1. Yeah it was fantastic and truly the highlight for me. Our whole family read the C.U. books together, even my husband who doesnt read enjoys them. Scholastic really knows how to throw a party. Did you pick up any of the shirts? Sad that mine is falling apart already

  2. Oh wow oh wow oh wow! So many great books! And may I just say, Im totally squee-ing at what I believe is Lois Lowrys autograph!!!

    So excited to read the rest of your BEA posts! :D

    1. Yes that be her autograph, she was so wonderful - well except for when she made me cry during her talk at the childrens breakfast

      Thanks J -- eventually going to type up my next day - this move is just putting me behind on my blog