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Monday, June 25, 2012

Goodbye mountie9

This is a hard one to write my folks as I often have a hard time expressing myself, not to mention my lack of writing skills. Hopefully what I am trying to say will come across somewhat. If not go get yourself a glass of wine (or two) and lessen your expectations, it will make a lot more sense then.  Unfortunately I was too busy chatting that I barely took any pictures so please forgive.

My pals Jenn and Natasha decided to organize a goodbye party for me and invited a whole bunch of the amazing people I have met because of Indigogreenroom events. It was a hot and steamy night (and not just because I was sitting between the scrumptious Cammy and Liam - sorry son that sounds slightly creepy, but girls he is attractive and single) the evening of the party.  We headed to my favorite restaurant, O&B Canteen(Home of the most incredible Chef in the world Jason Bangerter) where the most delightfully sweet waiter surprised us with some yummy (and much needed as I was a little freaked out) bubbly. 
Me and Chef Jason

Steak Frites

The ever charming Cammy gave a truly unique speech (and he was totally trying to get me to cry the bastard) in which he likened me to being the ketchup of the Indigo events and that if I wasn't at an event than they must have done something wrong (nope DH just won't let me out of the house that much LOL!) Think Heather needs to give this man a raise, he is extremely dedicated to Indigo and makes them shine - goodness knows I spend most of my mad money with them.

Now guys these are the words I wanted to say to you but was too vain to cry in front of you all (hey I was wearing mascara for a change -- I didn't want it to run)

The hardest part of leaving Toronto (other than leaving my wacky family) is that I will miss you all. I will truly be grateful to Indigo for giving me the opportunity to have met you all.  For the first time in my life I got to hang with people who are as passionate as books as I am, are not afraid to speak out loud about their feelings and their dreams & who quite frankly just accept me for the TMI girl that I am. Growing up I was always teased for saying what was on my mind and for being nice.  I was just a sweet loving (and yup btw, was a nerd back than too) girl who unfortunately after being taken advantage of one too many times decided it might be best if I suppressed those traits. I spent many years pretending to be something I was not.  I hid my compassionate nature and pretended to be cynical or just sorta morphed myself into whoever I was hanging out with at the time. 

For the longest time I really didn't know who I was anymore and I honestly just wasn't very happy. But than along came my first born with his disability (not to mention some fun postpartum depression and some horrible suicidal thoughts, good times I tell ya) and I realized something had to change if I wanted to be a good mom.  Decided from that moment on that I was just going to become the girl I used to be -- with a little more balls though --after all I had to fight for Jake. When you have a kid with a non visible disability they tend to get overlooked and mislabeled as difficult. You can't sit back and hope that people will do the right thing. Well as usual I have gone off topic, but I'm guessing  you are all used to that.  What I am trying to get across is that thank you for accepting me for who I am. I am blessed to have had met you all --- and don't worry you haven't seen the last of me.  I will be entering every contest for airline tickets that there is just so I can come back and visit.

Incredible Group - will miss you all (You too Jenn and Cammy not pictured)
Jeremy Cammy: Thank you to your beautiful wife and children for letting me have you for a while that night, it meant a great deal to me (and totally made me feel bad - must make them some special treats).  I want to thank you and Indigo for hosting these events and for giving me the opportunity to meet so many amazing fellow book addicts.  It is so "awesome' to have finally met people  who are as completely crazy about books, Joss Whedon and other nerdy things. Thank you for all of your help (and for reading those rambling emails) while we were in New York. And thank you just for being your charming self, for taking time for everyone of your customers and for hosting "awesome" events. You truly are the super hero for literacy, Captain Awesome! Now get me Nathan Fillion and I will be your slave for life -- or will at least name an animal after you. Oh yeah and I will always love you because I got to meet Bill Shatner and now always have an awesome story to tell about Captain Kirk telling me I was too pretty to be a nerd. (Shit must find a new word, use awesome way too much) Also I will never look at Ketchup without thinking about you (no not in that kinky way -- I reserve that for Nate and Daniel)

Jenn: Thanks for being an excellent host and for putting together this night full of spectacular people.  From now on you will be known as Obi Jen Kenobi and New York wouldn't have been the same without you (Thanks for putting up with my issues with being late for things).  I will miss just sitting around, drinking wine and chatting about books and boys. I also wish that you could have been the Librarian at my sons school as the dedication you show your students is truly remarkable. I pass the cookie torch on to you and hope that you will take care of everyone for me.  I am devastated that I will be missing all the wonderful Ontario book events where 3 hours in line goes by like minutes as we were always having fascinating (and often really dirty) conversations. I am so glad I went to that Kelley Armstrong event and got to meet you -- friends for life I tell ya.  I am there for you whatever you need.  Thanks for everything, I truly appreciate it.

Jen and Jenn
 Kate & Gillian - I have to put you together - even though you are both memorable and unique. I fell in love with you right away with your zest for life, your honesty and your hilarious sense of humour.  Also your mom is seriously cool and I want her to adopt me.  I wish I could have spent more time getting to know you both in person as I think you guys are remarkable and would have loved to have heard more of your stories. From the very first moment we met, I felt like we had been friends for years. Thank god for twitter as I plan on many more years of twitter conversations. Please take care of Liam for me and make sure he finds a respectable (but not too respectable) girl.

Liam - I couldn't have picked a better son than you (shh don't tell Jake and Jesse you are my favorite LOL). You are sweet, fricken hilarious,  and with the exception of your misguided taste for Wolf Blass, totally perfect. Where were boys like you when I was growing up?  Now get me a daughter in law and have some babies -- I would be a kick ass grandma and would spoil your kids.  The best part of the Bill Clinton event was chatting with you in line (even though I still think you should have taken my spare gloves you silly boy) Someday I hope to meet the rest of your family and tell them what a fab job they did raising you. Thanks for all the laughs and I am also sad that I won't be able to hang with you more. You better come visit me in Calgary --- or else you are sooo out of the will.

Terri- Sweet Terri what can I say about you. You are unlike anyone I have ever met before. So sweet, so honest and so passionate about books.  I really enjoyed all of the conversations and your enthusiasm is so inspiring.  Don't you ever change my sweet girl. You are the daughter that I never had the chance to have. You give the best hugs too -- even though I may need some back surgery after the last one. Will miss you and look forward to seeing you in New York next year -- I already have $40 in the BEA account. And btw your card totally made me cry !
Me and sweet Terri
 Rachel:  You are an exceptional women with a true passion for books.  The only sessions that were any good at OLA were the ones you did. You have a fabulous sense of humour and I really enjoyed our conversations.  I was devastated that you were unable to come with us to BEA, but I know that we will both be going next year.  I look forward to hanging out with you in the city that never sleeps.

Michelle: Dude I adore you.  I love reading your blog as you are always so honest and funny.  I am sad that I only got to hang out with you a couple of times and wanted to spend more time getting to know you. I think its hilarious that we both collect ghost story books from our travels.  Don't worry I have an awesome Alberta ghost story book for you. Did you hear about the ghosts at the Banff Springs when you were there?  I look forward to keeping in touch with you on twitter, etc and you better come visit me in Calgary. Also hoping that you are hitting BEA next year and joining the crazy canucks when we take over New York. Thank you for introducing me to Smashbox --- I am know an addict and will be using only their products from now on -- shh don't tell Jeff the price 'kay?

Chandra:  Your card made me lmao! Thank you for making me feel less scared about hitting the west coast.  You and I totally  have a date for Smart Chicks okay, we will have so much fun.  I have enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to many more conversations over the years.  You are truly delightful, passionate about books and have a fabulous sense of humour -- in other words "Awesome". Will miss  you but know that it won't be long before I see you again.

Andie: Fell in love with you just by your tweets alone.  Was a little worried that you wouldn't be as awesome in person, but I was not disappointed.  And yes our pact still stand - Joe for you, Nate for me - I got the rope.  I will miss you so much, every time we get together I am in awe of your zest for life.  You say whatever is on your mind and well I love that -- people like you are so very rare. I know you will come to visit me  so I will make sure your room is ready and waiting. I will also keep an eye out for sexy single bookish cowboys and make sure they are lined up for you when you come by. Thank you for making me LMAO on so many occasions, I will truly miss you friend.
Gwen: You are so awesome and I will miss you terribly. You were a fabulous travel buddy and you have a fantastic sense of humour. Thanks for putting up with my horrible jokes about the gremlin, you are such a good sport. I Cannot wait to do it again with ya next year -- and I call dibs on sharing a room with you - and no I am not sleeping on the floor.  And don't worry will always help you sneak books into the house -- you remember what happens at BEA stays at BEA.  I loved our conversations and have learned so much from you.  I am glad Jenn didn't get us killed while crossing the streets.  It really sucks that I am leaving because I would have loved to have hung out with you more. But hell we got twitter and other social media so I am not too worried. I am already counting the days until BEA and when we can ditch our diets again. 

Now you all better come visit me in Calgary, there will be a comfy book filled room waiting for you.  I am still scared about going but thanks to you (And Twitter) I go with an open heart and mind.  After all I am moving to the home Province of my boyfriend Nate --- shhh don't tell Jeff.

Kate and Andie

Our fabulous waiter!


  1. You are so sweet Jen.. What a lovely post!! :) Will miss you lots and lots!!!!!

    1. Shh dont tell Michele LOL!

      Thanks and right back at

  2. Im so bummed I couldnt make it to your party, but Im going to miss you so much! Youre an awesome blogger and an even better mom. Calgary is going to LOVE you, just as much as Toronto does.

    (And dont forget to let me know what I can grab at Fan Expo for you! <3)

    1. Thanks Angel! Will miss you as well. Oh dont worry I will have a small but special list for you for Fan Expo -- I promise will have it to you by this weekend

  3. Sorry I couldnt make it Jen :(
    You will be incredibly missed here in Ontario, but thankfully we have blogs/Twitter so we wont lose touch.

    AND Ill be in Calgary next July, so there will have to be an reunion then :)

    1. Thanks Christa - Will miss you terribly and cannot wait to see you in July and next year in BEA of course

  4. It was a pleasure, and everyone had such a great time! Its not goodbye, just a temporary lull between appearances. I refuse to say the words as I know Ill be seeing you soon. Love ya! xo

  5. Wishing you a great start to your new life in Calgary!

    1. Thanks Laura! Thank god for social media

  6. It sounds like you had an awesome evening. I was so happy to have got to meet you at BEA this year. I wish you all the very best in Calgary. I know you will take the city by storm. Just remember to leave in tack so we have somewhere to visit. Wishicn you all the best