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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Indigo Summer Preview Event

Please forgive my lateness with this post -- but life in the Rayment household has been out of this world crazy and I am behind with everything.

I once again have been exceptionally lucky to have been invited to a Indigo lifestyles preview. This is my third, and now thanks to moving to Calgary, most likely my last Preview event.  And let me tell you, I am really going to miss these because Indigo sure knows how to throw a preview party.

The weather was exceptional (Cammy swears he ordered it just for us), the food out of this world yummy and I cannot say enough how friendly the staff and the  fellow invitees were.  It was the perfect day as I ran into some of my favorite people as well as made a few more friends.  Quite strange for a girl who used to be painfully shy -- I swear my shyness fell out of me when I gave birth to Jake. Ok, most likely happened because after giving birth to a child with a disability and than suffering postpartum depression - it was either speak up or give up -- and I have never been much of a quitter.

Ok, I digress (like that has never happened before)  Anyway -- back to the preview event.  The outside of the Bay/Bloor Indigo was beautifully decorated with some of their new products, Chef (and hottie) Rob Rainford was cooking at the grill and lovely bar staff were pouring drinks (a lovely red which I totally forgot to ask what it was)

We got to walk around, check out some fabulous Lifestyle/Home merchandise all while drinking wine and chatting with friends -- heaven I tell ya. 
 There was a short presentation by members of the Indigo staff, a talk by author Kim Izzo (who was positively delightful and signed a copy of her book for me - which is sadly packed away for the move right now), Rob Rainford prepared a recipe and they even had prizes.

After the event was over-- they even had grab bags for us which were filled with wonderful items   One of the staff even gave me one of the solid perfumes after I told her I was marching inside to buy one - which was a really nice bonus (And btw bought one a week later for my sister).  I was quite sad to leave but I had to get back to reality.

Here are some of my fav products

Frickin Adorable

Picture from Indigo Website (Mine looked like crap)

Also had to buy stuff when I was there, it wouldn't have been right if I hadn't

For more info on the items & AND how to register for irewards/Plum Rewards, visit 

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  1. Looks like a fantastic event! I have that library set, and I love it. But now Im asking everyone I know if they want to borrow books just so I can use it :)

    1. I know me too - every time I go in I check if its on sale - should have bought two
      Indigo events are always fun, I highly recommend them!

  2. Cant wait to hear what you think of Grace McCleens Land of Decoration! I loved that book!

    1. Excellent, will move it up on my TBR list