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Thursday, June 14, 2012

New York: Day 3 BEA Bloggers Conference

Well once again after a late night the girls and I got up early and we headed over to the Javitt's Center to attend the BEA Bloggers Conference.  After massive confusion (and in defense of convention, we did get there super early) we finally got ourselves registered and were pretty much first in line.  We met a lovely blogger from Norway (will update when I find her card) who was delightful to chat with.  As usual we had tons of fun waiting -- you will never be bored if you hang with these fabulous ladies, I am truly honored to have got to spend time with them.  
Picture Courtesy of Alita
 When the doors finally opened, we got a lovely bag filled with some fabulous titles (and they said we could grab a couple more of the table) and the best mug ever from Kobo (you can write on it with chalk).  We than preceded to head to the table we were interested in sitting at and had a so so breakfast (wasn't expecting much so wasn't disappointed and well the coffee was good so that is all that mattered)

The morning started off with an author networking breakfast where authors would come sit with us for 10 minutes and chat.  We lucked out as our two authors were Ally Condie and Marie Lu who were so sweet and funny that I could have spent hours talking to them.  I enjoy Ally's books and after chatting with Marie Lu I cannot wait to read Legend.  Than,  unfortunately,  some very strange author chatting us up about his book.  I found it quite difficult to listen to his story, but I was raised to be polite so I listened, gave good eye contact and really tried hard to make conversation.
Ally Condie
Marie Lu
Won't lie started to tune out during the talk before Jennifer Weiner came in to give her keynote, but woke up quickly when all of a sudden Jennifer Weiner came in and sat down at our table.  She was hilarious and cracked us up when she was adjusting and talking about her cleavage.  We tweeted about our shock later and she tweeted us back that we just looked like a group of  nice safe friendly girls. Of course we totally geeked out about it.  I enjoyed her speech and found it to be quite funny and honest.  I know there were a bunch of complaints that it wasn't relevant to the blogging community, but quite frankly, she entertained me and before that I was falling asleep. 
Jennifer Weiner
 Next up was the lunch and a second session of author networking.  I had been really looking forward to this as one of the guests was to be Sara Benincasa and I adored her book Agorafabulous. Unfortunately, she became ill at the last minute and wasn't able to attend.  The first author, Matt Gallagher, was fascinating and talked about his experience in Iraq. I am very much looking forward to reading his book Kaboom.  We than had Kelsey Banfield come over and chat with us about her book, Naptime Chef.  Loved the premise of her book and will be picking up a copy. After that it went downhill and I don't want to go into details but due to the empty space we got hit by a bunch of authors who were doing hard sells of their books.  The food was pretty blah so I totally skipped it and just ate the cookie.

Than it was off for the next blogging sessions. I was in desperate need of shoes and honestly, I found the sessions to be mostly irrelevant to my needs so I took off back to the hotel and did some shopping and fixing myself up for our evening plans.

Headed back to the Center in time for Jenny Lawson (The Blogess) and her closing remarks speech.  I had just finished reading her book (thanks Cammy) before the conference so I was super excited to hear her speak. She did not disappoint!  Just like her book she was honest, self deprecating and just the kind of person I could sit for hours listening and talking to.  She was definitely the highlight of Blogger Con for me.  After her talk Jenn and I ran over to get her to sign our books and have a little one on one time. She said my dress was super cute -- and it was btw - and than I just told her that I enjoyed her book immensely. After that I gave her the hard sell about that she needed to get her ass to Canada asap that we would totally love her here, and maybe even adopt her as one of our own.  Also gave her Jeremy Cammy's contact info and went on and on about Indigo and how wonderful they are to authors and that that her publicist needs to get in touch with him right away. Hopefully, it did some good (and Jenn also gave a similar speech too) By the end of the conference we were calling ourselves Cammy's sister wives as we promoted him and Indigo so much.  Ok Cammy -- you got to get me Nathan Fillion now!

Next the girls and I were off to a party at Scholastic headquarters. I will tell you know I think I would pay to work there.  They have an amazing balcony with a spectacular view and the place seems to have been decorated by a hip children's librarian. I totally fell at  home.  The friendly Scholastic folks had put together a fabulous party with yummy food and even a cotton candy machine.   We got to mingle for a while with some incredible authors (Maggie Stiefvater, James Dashner, Jeff Hirsch, Donna Cooner, Raine Telgemeier, Eliot Schrefer, Kate Messner) I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with James Dashner, who was totally charming and hilarious.  I also now have a new author crush -- Jeff Hirsch -- super adorable and nice to look at too.

The highlight of the evening was having all of the authors acting out scenes from their books with each other. I can't tell you enough how delightful it was watching Dashner and Stiefvater playing off each other.

However, by the end of the event I was getting super stressed out about being late for the play we were attending.  I have issues about being late for things -- its my childhood trauma people -- everybody has to have one you know.  My Dad (who was one of the most incredible men alive & I miss the bastard) was late for everything (not to mention forgot me places all the time -- we will get into THAT another time) so I HATE HATE HATE being late.  Poor Jenn was trying to get me to relax and chill but I have to work it out myself, so Jenn sorry I was such a pain -- but hey, I did get into a better mood fast -- right (Yes I still feel bad)

We made it to the theatre in the nick of time & than had to wait outside in the cold, yeah I am pretty sure Jenn was thinking -- I told you so!

Jenn and I were attending one of the most unusual shows I have ever seen called Sleep No More.  I don't want to go into details about this as you really have to see it to believe it and I really don't want to ruin it for you. If you are in New York -- YOU HAVE TO GO TO THIS!

Basically you walk through a darkly lit hotel while a play goes on around you. You have to wear a masquerade type mask, you are not allowed to talk and they really try to separate you from your group (Jenn and I wised up to this very quickly and managed to stay together)  The cast may or may not interact with you and FYI  there is nudity.  Personally I think it would be a wonderful place to have a magic encounter with a stranger, if you know what I mean.   I could have spent hours there as you go at your own pace and you are allowed to touch everything. Jenn and I even found a candy store with candy that you actually get to eat.

Photo from New York Times
 At any time you can escape the play to go to the bar where you are entertained by a band, while drinking champagne and even getting your fortune told.   You also can go back in after you have had a break. See what I mean totally unique, everyone really gets an original experience.  Jenn and I had a fantastic time just chatting and drinking champagne -- it was pure heaven.  We ran into Cammy while Jenn was getting her fortune told and than we all went back in together to see the finale of the play and than headed back to the hotel.  By this time I was completely exhausted and fell asleep within seconds of hitting the floor.


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