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Sunday, June 24, 2012

New York - Day 5 - BEA Wednesday

Once again we got there stupid early so that we could get some of the limited tickets for particular authors.  I scored Jane Seymour and R.L. Stine. After a HUGE (and much needed) coffee it was time for the event I had been most looking forward to, the Children's Authors breakfast.

After a hell of search for a table (publishers were hogging 2 and more tables for their authors) we finally got settled in for a so so breakfast and yummy coffee.  Thanks to Cammy we were joined by some lovely ladies. Really enjoyed the conversation with blogger Karen Ballum and learned all about Blogher which I will be checking out once we are settled in our new place.

Fabulous Company

Chris Colfer
Karen Ballum (BlogHer Book Club Host)
The event was wonderful and worth the extra charge (well except for the dull ass breakfast) and we got a bag of books by the authors who spoke.  Chris Colfer was an excellent host, self deprecating, honest and sweet. If you get a chance I would highly recommend watching the videos of the event.  I look forward to checking out his book. Loved his reminiscence of various odd interview questions he has had about the book during hollywood interviews.  Also got a kick out of his email discussions with his illustrator.  I was impressed with his poise and his elequence.  Chris than introduced John Green as the Bieber of the literary world which had everyone laughing.

After some quips back and forth with Colfer, John Green took the mike and was absolutely charming. At this point I was kicking myself for not getting tickets to his signing -- must start following him on twitter and read his books.

Next Lois Lowry took the stage and their was not a dry eye in the house after she was done. Again I highly recommend checking out the video of the event and bring kleenex.  Picked up a copy of her book the other day too, can't wait to get some time to read it.

Honestly cannot really remember the rest of the breakfast but I did have a good time. Hey I was tired and needed more coffee.  Than it was off for another day of crazy times on the expo floor. Mostly a positive day but had a bit of confortation with an extremely rude Librarian.  It took a lot for me not to lose my temper and wreck the positive image of the friendly Canadian.  My god she was so rude.

Signings and stuff

First off was the hilarious Michael Connelly.  He said he would be more than happy to sign my copy of Heat Rises but only if he could cross off James Patterson and Dennis Lehane's names (he was totally kidding).  Line up was huge for him, but worth the wait.

Jane Seymore (who is still ridiculously beautiful) was lovely. I managed to keep my fan girl tendancies down a little, but I did ask her who her favorite Bond was. She told me that she has to say Roger Moore, of course, since he is her Bond. But she whispered conspirately Pierce Brosnan.

Ran into Terri, mom and Cammy waiting for Chris Colfer.  Thought it be nice if I could get a few pics of them with Chris (and of course to show to hubby when I got home) As they started the signing I noticed that they weren't taking the tickets (which I totally didn't have) and Cammy snuck me in behind him and I got to get my book signed too. I feel kinda bad, but hey, the opportunity was there I had to take it.  All of us said the same thing to him that he had to come to Canada and that Cammy and his Indigo staff were the best in the world and he would treat him like gold!  BTW, Colfer was totally adorable and he really comes across as a decent  guy
Captain Awesome working his magic with Chris Colfer
Forgot to mention I got to run into Cindy Smith a couple of times, but hopefully next year we will be able to actually spend some time together.

Got a giggle out of the Obama impersonator

On the way to another booth - I caught a quick shot of Tim Gunn

One of the great things about BEA is getting to know the people waiting with you in author signing line ups.  While waiting for R.L. Stine I met the most delightful couple (pictured above) Alan and his wife, Ann and we had a lovely conversation.  Stine was absolutely a delight to chat with and he said I convinced him to come to Canada for a signing and of course I gave him Cammy's business card.  I asked him if he was personalizing and he said only if I begged (jokingly of course) and of course I did -- hey its for the kids (when I got home, Jake was stoked by the signed copy)

Jake was a little disappointed that Pierce only signed a poster for him - he really wanted the book
Ran into some of the girls and they mentioned that Nicole had an unpleasant uncounter with someone on the expo floor (some jerk yanked her arm to get to a book and hurt her bad shoulder) and was hanging out in the food court so I took off to meet up with her. When I got there Cait and Gwen and Jenn were there too, so we decided it was time to chill out and get some lunch.  We also ended up chatting with Shannon Delaney who was sitting next to us.  She was so totally awesome and gave us each a signed book - authors so totally rock.  BTW, Shannon since you were so awesome when I got back home I ordered a copy of 13 to Life.

Sarah, Jenn and I were invited to the launch for Laura Moriarty's book The Chaperone at The Brooklyneer.  We chatted with Laura and the lovely publishing staff for a little while, but the place was seriously crowded and we felt a little awkward so we had a quick drink and than took off.

The Brooklyneer Bar in NYC

Signature Drink The Brooklyneer - Yummy
We had a bit of time to kill before our other Penguin event that evening and since we were starving we set out to find somewhere to eat.  Found a lovely quirky little restaurant, had some yummy food, hilarious conversation and than headed out to the Penguin Bird Bash party.

We ran into fellow Canadian blogger Rhiannon (who I just love) and finally met Amy who I have been following for a while.

We got to mingle with some talented and fun writers (Laura Moriarty, Stacey Ballis, Jen Lancaster), sipped on some funky cocktails, had some fun pictures taken and generally had a wonderful time.  I didn't want to leave, but we were all getting a little tired so we headed back to the hotel.  We hung out in the hotel lobby for a while, but since we were all so exhausted we went back to our rooms and fell asleep in about five minutes.
Really should have worn some more makeup to make this wig work

Me and the lovely Sarah

Sarah, Laura Moriarty and myself


  1. Lovely pics and recap! SO jealous you got to meet Chris Colfer!!

    1. Thanks and he was super adorable!

  2. What a great recap. Sounds like you had so much fun. Wasnt it crazy the number of times we saw each other and not once did I get a pic. Of course the next time we go to BEA we have to plan something :)

    1. I know -- I blame being completely overwhelmed by it all -- next year we are planning and meeting up