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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New York - Day 6 - Going Home

Well, our final day in New York, and the final day of the conference.  I was exhausted from the conference so I told the girls I was done.  Figured I would just walk around the city and see some of the sights. Well it seems like Jenn, Sarah, Nicole were also feeling the same way, and so after cleaning up our room we set out to do a little shopping and sightseeing.

We hit our favorite breakfast spot, Evergreen Diner, had another incredibly yummy and headed out to due some extreme shopping (we had lists I tell ya)

First stop - nerd nirvana - yup I begged to go to the NBC store. Could have dropped $ on all of the Chuck, Burn Notice, etc stuff but I was restrained. I bought a Carmichael Industries & nerd herd shirt for myself, a nerd herd shirt for Jesse (adorable) and a Burn Notice key chain for hubby.  Jenn and I also split the cost of a Captain Awesome shirt for OUR Captain Awesome.

 Next we stopped to get some New York tshirts for Sarah and the NBA store to pick up the New York Jersey that hubby begged me to pick up for him.  Jenn and Cait hit the Anthropology store as well. Than we picked up some yummy treats from La Maison Du Chocolat (I got some to die for Macarons)

We than headed back to the hotel to drop off our stuff and do something really touristy,  The
fabulous concierge at the Sheraton, Anthony Belazquez suggested since we had limited time head over to central park and take one of the Pedi Cabs. Thanks Anthony it was the perfect idea for us and one of the highlights of our trip.

Sarah, Cait, Jenn and I headed down toward the park and we found a couple of pedi cabs. I managed to do some haggling (Jenn said I did damn good for my first time) and got the guys to drop money off since we needed two cabs.  They were delightful tour guides and well, not bad to look at either.

It was a lot of fun as they headed through crazy New York traffic towards the park.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and the scenery was gorgeous.  We stopped off at the Bethesda Fountain and also got a chance to see Strawberry Fields and the Imagine memorial for John Lennon.  I highly recommend trying one of the pedi cabs if you are strapped for time and want to experience a little bit of the park.  When I go back next year I plan to spend a lot more time exploring it as it truly is spectacular.
Our guide

Bethesda Fountain

Yoko Ono's apartment

Aren't we pretty?
 The girls were pretty tired but I felt like walking some more so the girls headed back to the hotel and I walked along for a little while longer.  On the way back I also hit the Hershey and M&M store to satisfy my chocolate addiction.

We than Headed down to the business centre to send out all of our books by Fed Ex. Seriously impressed by the guy at the Fed Ex -- that man knew how to pack. I even made Nicole take a picture of him for the blog (will post when I get it from her). Just so you know (and mostly for Jeff's benefit) I had the least amount of books to send back (and yes I do wish I had brought back more -- books are my crack people)

By than it was time to grab a cab and get our asses to the airport (we were cutting it a little close)  I won't go into it but we had a stressful wait for a cab (and even one dick of a cabbie, when he found out we had to pay by credit card, threw our bags out of the cab) but did make it to the airport in time.  Then after all that our plane was delayed LOL!  But we were all together so the wait wasn't bad and I found more chocoate to buy so win win

The flight itself was awesome, the smoothest flight I have ever been on in fact.  Nicole and I got to sit with the lovely Nazeen from Jordan.  She was working in the states and marrying a Canadian.  She will be living in Brampton so we told her all the things she had to see and do.  We talked about travel and the one thing I really remember is that Turkey is one of her favorite places and the customer service, and the food there is outstanding.  On a dare I wore my Captain Underpants cape and she thought that was hilarious so she took a picture. Thanks Nazeen I hope you enjoy it here, you made our flight feel like only minutes.  Of course and you too Nicole, but you already know I adore you.

Told you I would wear it Andie
When we arrived at Pearson one of Cait's pieces of luggage  was missing.  It was pretty stressful for a while for her but when she got back to Halifax it was waiting for her -- phew - thank god as most of her signed books were in that one!

Jeff didn't feel like picking me up so I took a very relaxed cab ride home to Bolton (Cabby was hilarious) When I got there he greeted me with a lovely glass of red so he was forgiven for making me take the cab ride home.

New York - you are one kick ass town and I miss you so much already. Don't worry I will see you next year.  I wish I could say more folks but this move is killing me so I will leave you with the following.

New York - Go visit - you will love it. It is one city full of character. It is vibrant and alive and like nowhere I have been before. Go!

BEA - Also like nothing I have ever experienced before.  Now that I have experienced it for the first time, I will be back, but way more organized next time around.  Advice: Take it easy, be polite and acknowledge the publishers, don't push, grab, bite etc, wear good shoes (I wore my sandles from Clarks and my feet did not hurt -- thanks previous BEA goers for that advice), bring snacks, talk and smile at everyone (shit that is good advice for everyday too) and just have fun.  There is a lot more advice I can give you but will wait till just before next year (ok there is a nice book and a glass of wine waiting for me and I really really need it folks) to post that.

Bye Bye New York (Near Times Square)


  1. Gee I wonder if you possibly had the same cabbie my roomies had. I was thankfully the times I did cab it that I had someone good. Unlike my last day but that is another story.

    I had clark sandles too and was totally impressed with them. Not once during BEA were my feet sore and I made it a point to change into sneakers when I was going back to the hotel.

    I love your recaps. Its like living BEA and NYC all over again :)

  2. Thanks Cindy! Will from this day on only wear Clarks Sandles - hope to see you again (and for longer) next year. Heading to Mt Tremblant this weekend so in your neck of the woods kinda