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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New York: Pre BEA - Day 1

Finally getting to all of my BEA posts now & instead of making 1 huge post, have decided to break it down day by day.

Saturday June 2nd

We departed Toronto on Porter Airlines which I totally geeked out about since my maiden name is Porter -- I still say that entitles me to a free ride.  Our motley crew consisted of Gwen, Nicole, Jenn, Cait and myself (our  other roommate, Sarah, was taking a bus to New York).  Cait had come in from Nova Scotia the  night before (flight from hell) and Gwen had never flown before (yup Porter popped her cherry) so we knew this was going to be a fun trip.

Don't judge we were sleepy!
   I was seriously impressed by the Porter waiting area as there were comfy seats, hot coffee and the most yummy free cookies. Quite frankly I am now spoiled for life with the excellent treatment we received from Porter (of course Porter's always do it right!)  Flight wasn't bad, a little bumpy and noisy at times, but a pretty smooth ride and flight attendants were nice, without being annoying nice.  The landing gear coming out totally freaked Gwen out which of course made us all laugh -- we are a cruel bunch of bloggers.

Arrived at Newark Airport and after much confusion finally hopped in a truly expensive cab ride.  Cost me and Jenn $90 - so kids if you are going to Manhattan, I suggest save yourself some cash and go in to LaGuardia.   Got into our New Jersey cab (so disappointed dude didn't have the accent) and the highlight was going through the Lincoln Tunnel (Jenn was  less than impressed with my tales of the tunnel in the Stand -- seems talking about dead smelly people in a dark crowded tunnel slightly creeps people out)

 Nicole, Cait and Gwen went with a friend of Nicole's family and than we all met up at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Since I was stupid excited I dragged our group out right away.  They probably wanted to kill me for this, but guessing they were just being polite.

 Dragged them to the New York Public Library (My new happy place -- Call me Nathan do I have something to show you LOL)  I almost cried when I saw the lions and took thousands of pictures of them.  The place is truly beautiful, and there was actually a wedding reception being held there that night. (Wonder if I can convince Jeff to get married again)  Thanks to Obi Jen Kenobi for directing us where to go and for putting up with our teasing.  Only disappointments were that I couldn't spend the day there and that most rooms you couldn't take pictures in.  Also bitchiest salesperson EVER ever in the Library store.  So tempted by the Library lion bookends -- but they were just under $200 and HEAVY! (nudge nudge family -- best bday gift ever - just sayin)

We then headed over to Grand Central Terminal which is like a bigger, cleaner, version of Union Station.  Saw the Chrysler building from a distance (we didn't have time this trip to check it out) We also briefly checked out Times Square which is just plain bright, bold and beautiful.  Heard about the naked cowboy, but didn't manage to catch a glimpse of him.
Grand Central Terminal

Chrysler Building
Times Square

For dinner that night we went to Ellen's Stardust Diner. It was a wonderful place to eat (food was so so -- cept for the New York Cheesecake which was DIVINE!) and I highly recommend going there if you are in New York. 

Hit the Hotel that night and after doing my situps (Had promised the trainer) I passed out on the comfy bed.  Our room was pretty small but comfortable and the shower was heavenly (Not a good bathing tub though -- unless you were a toddler)


  1. Such a blast! So glad you were one of my travel buddies! Oh...why do I look so petrified in that airport

    1. Me too & hope to do it again next year. Starting to save up already! Must have taken the pic just after I mentioned the gremlin! You were truly a wonderful traveling companion

  2. Im happy to navigate anytime just keep the dead bodies out of it :-)

  3. I <3 NYC! So many great places to shop! Been there a couple of times, but never visited NYPL - hard to believe, eh? On my list for next time! :)

    1. SHOCK! I am so disappointed in you -- but will forgive if you go next time LOL!

  4. I am so on board to travel with you all next year! This post has made me realize that I should never miss an Ontario book bloggers event... you gals ROCK!! :)

    Lindsay @ <a href=">Turning the Pages</a>

    1. They are so much fun - looking forward to next year & I agree must always have coffee before. I made so many mistakes in these BEA posts had to go back and make so many corrections. From now on I too will not post before coffee

  5. Oops, my link was wrong...

    Turning the Pages

    Never link up pre-coffee! ;)