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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New York - Pre BEA Day 2

The day started early (which btw happened every day we were there) with a delicious breakfast at the Evergreen Diner (145 West 47th street).  If you are ever in New York you HAVE to eat here. The food is fresh, seriously yummy and the wait staff are awesome.  Than we headed out to take a trip on the New York Subway. Won't lie I was sorta excited about this, however,  I am really glad we had Obi Jen with us as the sheer amount of subway routes is overwhelming.  I gave everyone a good giggle when I got stuck in the turnstile and Jenn had to come over and swipe my subway pass for me. 

We headed over to the Staten Island Ferry to catch a glimpse of the Statute of Liberty.  Love the ferry as it is free, comfortable and you get to see some spectacular views of the city skylines.  None of us had any urge to get off at the statute (most of our families would have come in through Halifax) so this was the perfect option to see the majestic girl.  I could have spent the day just sitting on the ferry and reading a book as the weather was perfect that day. However, we were only in NY for a couple of days and there was so much we wanted to do so we just took a round trip on the ferry.  Btw, you have to get off the ferry before you can reboard. We had to move quickly to catch the ferry back as a couple of the girls had an appointment at the 9/11 memorial.  I opted out of seeing the memorial for a couple of reasons. The first being that my oldest son was born on September 11, 2001 and spent his first week in Sick Kids Hospital and I was slipping in to some nasty postpartum depression so as you can imagine I felt a little removed from it all. Secondly I am way too sensitive of a women and seeing the sheer amount of names that died on that day  and the atmosphere would have killed me for the day. I was here to enjoy myself, I had to stay away.  Well guess I digressed again -- sorry back to the fun stuff

Nicole, Cait and Me

While Nicole, Cait and Gwen went to the memorial, Jenn and I took off to go see Tiffany's.  We walked along and enjoyed the sites along the way and got to see Wall Street which is seriously cool.  I was quite disappointed as Tiffany's was closed and under renovations -- but I did have a croissant so it wasn't a total loss.

Cait at 9/11 Memorial (picture by Cait)
I also got to check something off my bucket list -- yup I got to hail a New York Cab (yes I know I am a nerd thank you very much)  Was a little disappointed as he wasn't very chatty but he did drive like the ones you saw on TV -- which is fast, and swerving in and out of traffic.  We were off to find a special cosmetics store called "Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics"  to pick up some supplies for Jenn's friends. The place was awesome and the staff were funky and fun. I even came away with some really cool Lip Tar -- girls this stuff is awesome and natural.

Picture by Jenn

We than rushed back to the hotel to pick up Sarah who had come in by bus.  Poor girl had to wait in the lobby for us after being stuck in a crowded bus for 13 hours.

Picture by Cait
We than went on a shopping trip and got stuck in this humongous parade. I was seriously ticked off by this as massive crowds freak me out, it was starting to rain and it took us forever to get where we wanted to go.  We finally made it to FAO Schwartz which was tons of fun and I could have spent a fortune in.  We also got to check out the giant piano from Big, but the line up was too large to get to try it out. We than headed over to Bloomingdales which is beautiful but so very very out of  my price range.   We had to drag Cait away from the Burberry coat, she wanted it sooooo bad but it was $1300. We had a lovely little lunch in the cafe at Bloomies where I had my New York bagel and lox which was delish and even a bloomingdales water (damn forgot the bottle in the hotel when we left).  I also purchased a little brown mug as quite frankly was the only thing I could afford.

Just walk away Cait
After that Cait, Gwen, SARAH (sorry Sarah - I love you did not mean to forget to put your name in : )  and I did a power tour of the Museum of Natural History - yup we saw that puppy in 1.5 hours.  We spent most of the time in the dinosaur exhibit, since it was the main interest to all of us, but we did manage to sneak in a bit of Indian displays as well -- and of course the museum store. I picked up a copy of Manhattan Ghost stories as every time I go on vacation I pick up a local ghost story book, I have quite the nice collection now too!


Prehistoric bear attacking me (picture by Cait)
That night we went to dinner at this unique little mexican restaurant, Toloache. The margaritas were delish but extremely strong and I had my very first mojito, which is my new favorite drink. At this restaurant they add coconut to the mojito which gives it a unique and fresh taste. The food was out of this world and we had a fantastic fun time. Cait also tweeted that any Canadian bloggers interested in joining us for dessert to come on by.  Thanks to Cait we met the lovely Alita and her husband.
Picture from Cait

It was a fabulous evening!  Since poor Sarah was meeting us for the first time and because of her cramped bus ride I offered to sleep on the floor. It was actually quite comfortable and ended up spending the rest of our trip sleeping on the floor.  And quite frankly we were going non stop as soon as I hit the floor I was asleep.  Now I am paying for it and will be hitting the chiropractor today LOL!


  1. Umm... I joined you at the museum too. Maybe I was too quiet that day for you to remember, lol.