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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Up and Down by Terry Fallis

Up and Down
by Terry Fallis
McClelland & Stewart (Random House)
ISBN: 978-0-7710-4796-1
Release Date: September 11, 2012
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Description: The author of the Stephen Leacock Medal-winning The Best Laid Plans brings his trademark humour and sharp storytelling to a new novel set in the high-stakes world of a global public relations agency.

On his first day at Turner King, David Stewart quickly realizes that the world of international PR (affectionately, perhaps ironically, known as "the dark side") is a far cry from his previous job on Parliament Hill. For one, he missed the office memo on the all-black dress code; for another, there are enough acronyms and jargon to make his head spin. Before he even has time to find the washroom, David is assigned a major project: devise a campaign to revitalize North America's interest in the space program - maybe even show NASA's pollsters that watching a shuttle launch is more appealing than going out for lunch with friends. The pressure is on, and before long, David finds himself suggesting the most out-of-this-world idea imaginable: a Citizen Astronaut lottery that would send one Canadian and one American to the International Space Station. Suddenly, David's vaulted into an odyssey of his own, navigating the corporate politics of a big PR agency; wading through the murky but always hilarious waters of Canada-U.S. relations; and trying to hold on to his new job while still doing the right thing.

The Good Stuff
  • Descriptions of the PR world - dead on accurate. Ok, I only worked in a PR agency for a year, but I think I worked with some of the characters in this novel
  • Oh so very Canadian - and I mean that in a good way
  • Could not put the book down, eventhough it wasn't my usual fast paced type novel - it was just so damn interesting and funny I was affected that very same way. I stayed up way too late reading it and would even read it while brushing my teeth and drying my hair
  • Absolutely hilarious yet heartwearming and honest
  • Plot is so unusual, yet at the same time, you cannot believe someone hasn't thought of this already
  • If you do not fall in love with L. Percival there is something horribly wrong with you
  • Filled with tons of commentary on US/Canada relations - but not done in a mean way
  • Now if every Canadian writer could write like us I would stop making those snarky comments about Canadian literary writers (you know the ones that are depressing and write about the Bush -- ok, come on my schooling did it to me -- one can only take so much Laurence, etc)
  • You know what, check out the passages section and if it appeals to you -- go pre-order the book, you will not be disappointed - think I better make sure my chapters store has lots of copies as I will be selling the shit out of this one, it is so good and will appeal to so many
The Not So Good Stuff
  • It ended and I was just having so much fun I wanted more -- get back and write me some more Fallis!
  • Quite frankly I am really disappointed that the story isn't real -- man I loved Landon Percival so much
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"Docking procedure" may be the better way to describe the manoeuvre that rolled her up to the strealined chrome and glass desk that would not have looked out of place on the bridge of a Federation starship. I half-expected an order to lay in a course for the Vega system. She caught my stare.
"I know. It's ridiculous, isn't it?" she said, running her hand across the gleaming elliptical surface. "The jackass before me was into sci-fi and spent an obscene sum redecorating before New York toasted him last year. Now I'm stuck with it."

"He's started out as an arrogant, right-wing, conceited jerk who viewed Landon, and everything about her with undisguised disdain, bordering on contempt. Now as the launch approached, he seemed to have evolved int an arrogant, right-wing, conceited jerk who had come to accept, respect, and even enjoy Landon, largly through her own generosity towards him. I still thought he was an ass, but Landon would hear none of it."

"But I was about at my limit. I hate when people use the word "tolerant" to describe how enlightened they are about gays and lesbians. It would never be acceptable to say that someone is "tolerant" of women, or blacks, or Roman Catholics. But somehow it's still okay to be "tolerant" of a lesbian."

Who Should/Shouldn't Read
  • Um - well - if you are Canadian you will not stop laughing and shaking your head at times
  • Americans - you might be a little ticked off - but just remember its all in good fun & lets face it most of you think we all live in the Great White North, say Eh and wear lumberjacks. Don't worry we sometimes do the same thing and think you are gun toting maniacs -- we are both wrong and I love ya all (Well except for that Bush guy -- we kinda know he is a moron)
  • If you have worked in the PR field - you will get it and enjoy
  • Most importantly if you have an interest in space travel this will appeal to you - Fallis obviously has a passion for it
5 Dewey's

I received this from Random House in exchange for an honest review - thanks guys stayed up much too late reading this and now must go buy his other books - damn you book pimps you LOL!


  1. Were not ALL gun toting maniacs, just like not ALL of us voting for that Bush guy ;)
    This looks like fun.

    1. Exactly also would love to hear your thoughts on it

    2. Exactly also would love to hear your thoughts on it

    3. Exactly also would love to hear your thoughts on it

    4. Exactly also would love to hear your thoughts on it

  2. Sounds like a fun read. I read Best Laid Plans and was a little underwhelmed after all the Canada Reads hype. I think I expected it to snarkier.

    How does this one compare? Have you read both?

    1. Sorry Megan hadnt had a chance to read Best Laid Plans - but its on my list

      This one could have been snarkier but it was still fun