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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Book Addicts Haul - The I am truly behind edition

 Wow haven't done this in a while! (Sorry for some of the upside down pictures, was having technical issues today)

For Review
Thanks Random House
Thanks Penguin
Thanks WilliamMorrow (HarperCollins)
Thanks Random House 

Thanks HarperCollins
From Scholastic Book Fair at Jake's Schools
Chapters Shawnessy
Scholastic Book Order
Chapters Shawnessy (Recommended by Karen)
Chapters Shawnessy
Chapters Shwnessy (Thanks Jen!)
Chapters Shawnessy
Calgary Zoo

Borrowed from Our staff room book shelf
From HarperCollins Book Preview

Borrowed from Cindy
Borrowed from Our staff room book shelf
HarperCollins Book Preview
Borrowed from Sim

Book Signing
Who I Kissed Book Launch (Janet Gurtler) at Chapters Shawnessy
Thanks Teri (and Rhiannon for delivering)

Lemony Snicket Book Event at Calgary Public Library (Best book event I have EVER attended)


  1. Youll have to let me know what you think of the gluten free cookbook! :)

    1. Pretty good - lots of variety and pictures. Making some of the recipes today so I will let you no more soon.