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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Released: The Shapeshifters' Library by Amber Polo

Released (The Shapeshifters' Library #1)
by Amber Polo
Blue Merle Publishing
ISBN: 978-0977-329663

Description: Love dogs? Love books? Love libraries? Hate Book-burning werewolves? Once long ago the Shipsfeather Academy was a training ground for an ancient race of dog-shifters whose mission was to protect the worlds knowledge. A powerful curse sealed these librarians in the basement of their building and gave the control of the town to a pack of book-burning werewolves.

Librarian Liberty Cutter watches in horror as the towns public library goes up in flames and plans to re-establish the library in the abandoned Shipsfeather Academy building. Chronus, the Old English Sheepdog headmaster of the academy and leader of the dog-shifters, knows he must make some changes to continue to keep his pack safe. But even if he could persuade Liberty to believe in a talking sheepdog, how far can she be trusted? And will she ever be able to care for him as a man. He has to try, because Liberty Cutter and her staff of zany librarians may hold the key to the dog-shifters freedomand the future of the town

Review:  A delightfully sweet simple urban fantasy story perfect for the those in the library field.  This is one that will appeal to the more mature reader who doesn't enjoy too much sex or violence which is something you don't see to much in the urban fantasy genre.  There is definitely a market for this type of story.  There is nothing wrong with the story it just wasn't my particular cup of tea, guess I am just too jaded. The story moves quickly and the characters are quirky.  My big complaint with the story that it was just too centered on the library world.  The constant mentions of "Thank Dewey" and "For the love of LC" or the mentioning of actual dewey decimal classifications #'s to describe something,  just became very irritating after a while. Once or twice would have been delightful and a nice sly wink to us library folk, but it was just too much of a good thing.  Also I felt at time like I was being preached too about certain topics.  And I know its a silly thing but the fact that all werewolves were evil book burners (ok anyone who burns books is evil) and all the dogs were good - just seemed a little too black and white for me.  Again this is just based on what I like and nothing against the author. Goodness know as you can tell by this review I have absolute no real handle of the English language.
Favorite Quote

"You mean every cranky, indolent, and downright nasty person who works in a library is a werewolf? That teacher in library school who turned every concept into an equation, the student assistant who mis-shelved the most popular books on purpose, and catologers who create obscure subject headings? Bureaucrats who cut library budgets and hours?  Parents who object to books containing any idea not already in their own heads?"

3 Dewey's

I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.  Sorry Amber, have to be honest and review has nothing to do with your talent, just my particular enjoyment of the story

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