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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Age of Hope by David Bergen: Mini book review

The Age of Hope
by David Bergen
ISBN: 978-1-44341-135-6
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Description: Born in 1930 in a small town outside Winnipeg, beautiful Hope Koop appears destined to have a conventional life. Church, marriage to a steady young man, children - her fortunes are already laid out for her, as are the shiny modern appliances in her new home. All she has to do is stay with Roy, who loves her. But as the decades unfold, what seems to be a safe, predictable existence overwhelms Hope. Where - among the demands of her children, the expectations of her husband and the challenges of her best friend, Emily, who has just read The Feminine Mystique - is there room for her? And just who is she anyway? A wife, a mother, a woman whose life is somehow unrealized?

Mini Book Review:  It's always hard to write a review for a book that you just couldn't get into even-though you appreciate the talents of the author. I don't want to turn people off of the book, but at the same time I cannot lie and say I loved it. Beautifully written, which kept me reading even-though I wasn't really enjoying Hope's story. I just found her wishy washy and the storyline just left me feeling depressed.  I also think I had a problem with it because it was based in Winnipeg & just brought back memories of High School English. Which also makes me feel as stupid as I did back than trying to figure out why someone was interested in reading about some women who survives through it all.  I do that everyday, I'm a survivor, but I don't want to read about women like me.  I'm just a simple girl and need something more than a character study, I want adventure or at least to learn something.   He's an extremely gifted writer and I think this will be a big hit.  But as I said before, it's just not my thing.  Mr Bergen you are a talented writer with a true insight into the human psyche and I applaud you for that

3 Dewey's (Based on my enjoyment not on the talents of the author)

I received this at the HarperCollins Indigo Insiders event & didn't have to review


  1. Thats too bad that you couldnt get into this book but I know exactly how you feel about recognizing an author is talented but it just not being for you

    1. exactly - always feel slightly bad about not liking something that someone has obviously put so much love and effort into but hey we cant all love everything : )

  2. David bergen has done full justice to this book. I would recommend to read it once