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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper

The Demonologist
by Andrew Pyper
Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 978-1-4516-9752-0
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Published March 5, 2013

Description: Fans of The Historian wont be able to put down this spellbinding literary horror story in which a Columbia professor must use his knowledge of demonic mythology to rescue his daughter from the Underworld.Professor David Ullmans expertise in the literature of the demonicnotably Miltons Paradise Losthas won him wide acclaim. But David is not a believer.

One afternoon he receives a visitor at his campus office, a strikingly thin woman who offers him an invitation: travel to Venice, Italy, witness a phenomenon, and offer his professional opinion, in return for an extravagant sum of money. Needing a fresh start, David accepts and heads to Italy with his beloved twelve-year-old daughter Tess.

What happens in Venice will send David on an unimaginable journey from skeptic to true believer, as he opens himself up to the possibility that demons really do exist. In a terrifying quest guided by symbols and riddles from the pages of Paradise Lost, David attempts to rescue his daughter from the Unnameda demonic entity that has chosen him as its messenger

The Good Stuff
  • Pyper has a true gift in writing the quietly creepy.  Once I start reading one of his novels I am hooked, scared out of my pants of course, but I cannot put it down.  Will read everything and anything he writes
  • David and his daughter are realistic yet utterly fascinating characters
  • Story slowly builds yet constantly holds your interest
  • I am not scared to read Paradise Lost anymore (yes I have low self esteem when it comes to great literary works, feel I am not intelligent enough to read and understand them)
  • Haunting and moody
  • Good portrayal of depression and how it effects the family
  • Liked the slowly unraveling of what happened in the past
  • The relationship between Elaine and David was a nice addition - would have liked more in that area
  • The connection between Tessa and her Dad is heartbreaking yet beautiful
  • Good uses of dark humour

The Not So Good Stuff
  • As I am not the most intelligent of readers, I still am not exactly sure what happened at the end.  Probably should have spent more time paying attention in class instead of reading those romance novels
  • Wife was more of a caricature than an actual character
  • Cough cough for the love of God Pyper you are Canadian - lets spell colour correctly ; )
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"The rows of faces. Younger and younger each term. Of course, this is only me getting older among the freshman who come and go, an illusion, like looking out the rear window of a car and seeing the landscape run away from you instead of you running from it."

"A seventeenth-century epic poem that retells biblical events but with a crafty slant, a perspective that arguably lends sympathy to Satan, the leader of the rebel angels who became fed up with a grumpy, authoritarian God and broke out on his own in a career of making trouble in the lives of humans."

"Demons afflict the weak"
"Or the ones who ask for help without caring who's ready to give it."

Who Should/Shouldn't Read
  • Fans of Pyper's previous works will enjoy
  • This is definitely for those who enjoy a good psychological paranormal thriller
 4 Dewey's

I received this from Simon and Schuster in exchange for an honest review


  1. I keep seeing this book everywhere and it sounds creepy and interesting. Im glad to hear that this is a type of book for someone who likes a good psychological paranormal thriller... I will definitely be checking this out! YAY for Canadian authors :)

    1. Hope you get a chance to read - definitely something different!

  2. Im really excited to read this book. It sounds so creepy! Although it makes me sad to hear the wife is a caricature :( Why cant these authors just write good women?

    1. Men! Guess he doesnt have a good women in his life. Hope you enjoy it - always feel nervous when I write something good and others hate it.

  3. I so want to read this book. I love a good psychological thriller, and if I can support a Canadian, all the better.

    I also love your mention of colour vs color. So funny.

    1. Thanks Sarah - I usually dont notice things like that but when I read a Canadian author I always smile when I see the "correct" spelling so I was slightly ticked off to see the changes. Would be interesting to see if it was his, editor or publishers choice.

  4. AHHHH this looks sooooo good! Although I couldnt finish The Historian, I am a fan of other similar series - A Discovery of Witches, and City of Dark Magic.

    *Adding to TBR pile**

    1. Hope you like as much as I did. By the way picked up both Discovery of Witches and City of Dark Magic at work -- we have a bunch of ARCs in the back and they were getting rid of so I grabbed both, now cannot wait to read